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GCSE: A Tale of Two Cities

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  1. Compare and contrast the ways in which Shaw and Dickens present irony through their narrative voice in 'The Devil's Disciple' and 'A Tale of Two Cities'.

    Shaw's voice does not have such a multi faceted job, if the audience are watching the play rather than reading it. In the case of watching the play, the scene is set, the characters are played by actors and the narrative voice becomes redundant to the audience, if not the actors, because all the asides are being performed by the cast. For the purpose of this essay, I will consider the reading audience of Shaw, as opposed to the viewing audience.

    • Word count: 2333
  2. The first story to be discussed is called "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" written by James Thurber in 1942.

    "That I am at present a bachelor of between fifty-nine and sixty years of age. Of Walter Mitty: 'You're not a young man any longer'. Walter Mitty is a middle class citizen of North America in the 1940's whereas Michael is a lower class Englishman of the 1850's. They live in different countries in different times. Only Walter's wife is mentioned in his story and she seems to be like a mother to Walter rather than a wife. "Why don't you wear your gloves?

    • Word count: 2256
  3. Compare ‘The Black veil’ by Charles Dickens with the first chapter of ‘Talking in whispers’ by James Watson

    Dickens's London is an unpleasant and filthy place in writing this story Dickens hopes to shows this suffering to people and motivate them to take action against it. Watsons Chile is harsh and sometimes shocking in an attempt to awaken people to the brutal reality of military takeover. Both books describe suffering and the authors used this to motivate people then and today to do something about it. I believe that these books are just as good as motivators today as they were when first written because the themes are still relevant.

    • Word count: 2246

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