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GCSE: Oliver Twist

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  1. The tale of Oliver Twist follows the fortunes of a poor young orphan boy. Bleasdale's version begins before the child is born, then takes us on his journey through early life.

    "Brownlow's London home will show him as a bachelor," says Thornton. "He is comfortably off and a well educated man. It is more formal with dark colours, but always sophisticated. There should be a contrast between his London home which is somewhere slightly formal, where he can receive guests and his country home which is more mellow and rambling." Fleming and Leeford are well off, but are a little bit down the social scale from Brownlow. The Fleming's house is certainly the home of someone who is comfortably off, but after the discovery that Agnes is pregnant they move out to a cottage which is relatively humble.

    • Word count: 2597
  2. In Oliver Twist Dickens Uses Environment to Reflect Feelings, In The Lord of The Flies, Golding Uses it to Form Them. Discuss.

    He wanted to show, "In Oliver, the principle of good surviving through every adverse circumstance, and triumphing at last." In many ways, the books seem to come together. They both identify the root of evil at society's heart. Both authors use character and environment to show this, and both books have a character representing evil and good. In Lord of the Flies, Simon represents the wholly good part of the group. Much like Oliver, he is victimised and bullied at the hands of the assembly, because his sense of right will not let him follow them.

    • Word count: 2229
  3. How Bill Sykes is presented in Chapter 47 and the BBC adaptation of "Oliver Twist".

    In addition. Sikes uses short, command like phrases to prove he is the leader and that people will consequently obey him. ?Let me out?.Let me out I say?. His use of language creates a semantic field of violence and aggression =. However, in the film adaptation of Oliver Twist, Sikes does not speak at all, even though Fagin tells him to be ?none too savage?. This lack of speech from Sikes shows that, once again, he is the dominant figure, and is furthermore continued in his interactions with Nancy.

    • Word count: 2273

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