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GCSE: Oliver Twist

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  1. In Oliver Twist Dickens Uses Environment to Reflect Feelings, In The Lord of The Flies, Golding Uses it to Form Them. Discuss.

    He wanted to show, "In Oliver, the principle of good surviving through every adverse circumstance, and triumphing at last." In many ways, the books seem to come together. They both identify the root of evil at society's heart. Both authors use character and environment to show this, and both books have a character representing evil and good. In Lord of the Flies, Simon represents the wholly good part of the group. Much like Oliver, he is victimised and bullied at the hands of the assembly, because his sense of right will not let him follow them.

    • Word count: 2229
  2. What does the character of Bill Sykes bring To the novel of ‘Oliver Twist’?

    We see evidence of this when Fagin says, "You won't be too violent Bill?" This statement shows that they have no trust in him. Bill Sykes also has a problem with alcohol, he drinks far too much, and this probably accounts for some of his unpredictable behaviour. We see evidence of his drinking problem when he says, "...to prevent my standing treat for a pint of so...." This shows that he thinks that he thinks drinking is a treat and does not himself think that he has a drinking problem.

    • Word count: 956
  3. Children Being Exploited in Dickensian Times

    This meant that art and imagination, play and entertainment were not valued because they had no practical use. Dickens feared that all those things which made human beings diverse and interesting, free and creative, happy and warm - hearted, were being driven out by the values of a factory system geared to only productivity and profit. This leads me to the first novel I shall explore as the basis of how Dicken's portrays the difficult lives of children in 19th Century England - Nicholas Nickelby. I chose this novel as it shows how the abuse of children extended into the school system.

    • Word count: 1027
  4. The School for Scandal

    ...later on the same page they explain this plan for testing the two brothers. Through exposition we learn more of what is to happen to these brothers as Sir Peter comes up with another idea on how to test them on pg. 478 " Now then, Sir Oliver, you may have a better opportunity of satisfying yourself than by an old romancing tale of a poor relation;- go with my friend Moses, and represent Mr. Premium, and then I'll answer for 't, you will see your nephew in all his glory." Sir Peter thinks that this plan will surely show Sir Oliver how bad of a person his nephew Charles really is.

    • Word count: 703
  5. How Are ‘A Safe Place’ by Lorenzo Carcaterra And ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens Similar And Different?

    Before Oliver runs away to London he is subjected to the labours of being an orphan in Victorian times. Charles Dickens manages to make the reader feel sorry for Oliver by condemning the way he is brought up and describing all the bad events in Oliver's life in great detail, "It was his ninth birth-day; and he was keeping it in the coal cellar". There are no references to anything good happening to Oliver in his early years. Similarly Lorenzo Carcaterra makes us feel sorry for him in his early life by describing the beatings he and his mother received and his fathers schemes to make money, "My father took a deep breath and hit my mother in the face, his closed fist landing just below her right eye".

    • Word count: 1501
  6. How Bill Sykes is presented in Chapter 47 and the BBC adaptation of "Oliver Twist".

    In addition. Sikes uses short, command like phrases to prove he is the leader and that people will consequently obey him. ?Let me out?.Let me out I say?. His use of language creates a semantic field of violence and aggression =. However, in the film adaptation of Oliver Twist, Sikes does not speak at all, even though Fagin tells him to be ?none too savage?. This lack of speech from Sikes shows that, once again, he is the dominant figure, and is furthermore continued in his interactions with Nancy.

    • Word count: 2273
  7. Write about the presentation of childhood in the first three chapters of Oliver Twist. Comment on the methods used by Dickens

    Dickens is using the technique exaggeration because to show that the nurse wasn?t that helpful. This makes the reader think that the nurses at that time didn?t care much about the poor people and even when they were having a baby and also his trying to tell us that nurses weren?t that helpful in the past. Oliver spent his first eight years of his life at a baby farm in the 'care' of a woman named Mrs. Mann. Oliver was brought up with little food and few comforts. When it was his ninth birthday, Mr.

    • Word count: 1573
  8. Explore the presentation of Fagin in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

    Fagin the mastermind among the criminals is as ugly in appearance and the same with his temperament, but he is also two-faced. Dickens seems to be anti-Semitic as he connects Fagin's character has something to do with his ethnic identity. He does this by always referring him as the ?Jew? this seems to indicate all the evil things he does or think of is connected to his ethnic identity. When Fagin is provoked he may give way to his evil side but on ordinary occasions he is always joking around and this sarcastically gives him the name of ?the merry old gentlemen?.

    • Word count: 1117
  9. Directed writing for Oliver Twist

    Workers used their work as an excuse to frequent the outskirts for a grind at the freshest piece of information he can lay his hands on- and so deliver the tidings on a silver plate to their eagerly awaiting wives at home. Meanwhile, the laboring gentlemen hit the bars: drinking to their hearts' content and blathering falsified fantasies to their audiences about the woman in concern. 'A young lady,' one of them said, 'sweet as pie and a beauty at that!' 'Ran away from home,' the other said in feigned mourning, 'sad business, but what can we do about it?

    • Word count: 801
  10. Through character, tone, and point of view, Charles Dickens creates Oliver Twist as a vehicle for social concerns for the poor in 1980s English Society.

    Chesterton states ?Nancy is not really impressive as a living woman; but (as the phrase goes) she makes a lovely corpse? (Cheston 1).This quote show that no one really cared for Nancy not even her lover Bill Sikes, the people in the Victorian era only saw Nancy as a prostitute. Even though Nancy was a prostitute she had very high morals, especially when she tries to help Oliver even though Sikes was going to kill her. Bill Sikes is a professional burglar and Nancy?s pimp and lover.

    • Word count: 1699

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