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GCSE: Charlotte Bronte

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  1. How Does Bronte Convey Jane Eyre's State of Mind in Chapter 2 of 'Jane Eyre'?

    Jane progresses through five main mentalities: passionate rebellion, anger, self-doubtful depression, fearful isolation and hysteria. With each state of mind introducing individual techniques, the distinction between them is evident. The chapter begins with Jane being restrained and forced into the Red Room, a room of diverse emotions, by the house maids, for fighting with her cousin. The symbolism and superstition, associated with that chamber in particular, overwhelms her, and the chapter concludes when Jane unnerves herself to the extent that she finally faints.

    • Word count: 1667
  2. compare extracts from roll of thunder hear my cry and jane eyre

    In 'Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry' there is a black girl of the age 10 who is being racially abused by Lillian Jean, a girl four years older than her. The reason for Cassie getting abused is because she is a black girl living in Southern America in the 1930s. Especially at this time period, r****m towards black people was very widespread. Therefore, Cassie has to make do with r****t remarks that she is encountered with. Prejudice takes place in both texts.

    • Word count: 1008
  3. The tension reaches its climax when Jane screams in the room after seeing Mr. Reeds ghost haloed face and everyone rushes there.

    Reed's ghost who scares everything out of Jane 'haloed face' and makes her run out of the room. There are many background stories about the red-room but the most important is that Mr. Reed died there nine years ago 'it was in this chapter he breathed the last'. The tension increases word by word especially when the little phantom is there we know that something is going to happen. In the family every child is respected even though they are selfish, headstrong, have spoiled tempers and are insolent, to mention a few just things. The other children who are led by their own selfish desires were respected but Jane 'could never please' after she tries 'to win any one's favour' is disagreed and pushed away.

    • Word count: 670
  4. Jane Eyre

    The hook inside the chapter is the first person narrative style and Jane is the protagonist. In the introduction theme Jane's mood is described by the weather conditions outside the house. The depressing mood is created with 'the cold winter wind' and with the 'clouds so sombre' quotes. The unpleasant mood is created with 'the rain so penetrating' quote. I think that the use of pathetic fallacy perfectly describes the mood of a lonely and isolated character. Bronte made an overwhelming success with her opening hook by the description of Jane's mood and with the first person narrative when we can see the world with Jane's eyes.

    • Word count: 1719
  5. Why did the Normans build castles? Do these reasons apply at Rochester?

    The Normans built Motte and Bailey castles when they first arrived in Pevensey in 1066 because they were able to control the English, and they built several castles throughout the country. At the beginning of the stage where Motte and Bailey castles were built,they consisted of a large mound of earth known as the motte, and a small wooden fortress known as the keep, like what is shown below. The amount of time in which these castles took to build was only 2-3 weeks,for each castle built, the resources were cheap and quick to build just incase of any unexpected attacks.

    • Word count: 1124
  6. 'Jane Eyre' - Prose Study

    "That is for your impudence in answering mama awhile since, and for your sneaking way of getting behind curtains, and for the look you had in your eyes two minutes since, you rat!" This type of language gains additional sympathy for Jane from the reader, the modern person wouldn't like to see a young child be called vile horrid names or looked down on. An element of language which Charlotte Bront� uses is comprehensive descriptions leading to vivid lifelike images that the reader creates in their mind: "My heart beat thick, my head grew hot; a sound filled my ears,

    • Word count: 1319
  7. Charlotte Bronte-Jane Eyre

    The novel starts by showing us her life at Gateshead where she lives with her strict aunt after being orphaned. Her aunt is portrayed as a cruel woman who is very deep and only cares for herself and her children, so Jane is made to feel like an outcast. Jane's parents were killed when she was little so she was made to live at Gateshead. Gateshead is where she begins her journey, hence the name 'Gates-head'. Throughout the novel, Bronte makes lots of references about her own life which makes us feel more sympathetic towards Jane because we know it was real and things like that actually happened back then to innocent people.

    • Word count: 1835
  8. How do Jane's childhood experiences at Gateshead and Lowood help to form her character?

    At Gateshead Jane learns how to stick up for her and say what she feels freely without any fear. She tells her aunt what she thinks and feels she says to her pg 38 "I dislike you the worst of anybody in the world......" later on the adult Jane shows the same reaction with Mr Rochester its like she believes in saying the truth but the way she says is blatantly. pg 132 "do you think me handsome? She replies no sir" she replies not the kind of answer any other person would say rather someone else in her position would put it smoothly but for her its honesty.

    • Word count: 716
  9. Jane Eyre - compare the first two chapters

    Mrs Reed and the servants ignore his behaviour and act as if they are ignorant of it. Mrs Reed, John, Eliza and Georgiana Reed are Jane's only family. Her parents and her mother's brother, Mr Reed, are all deceased. She is a dependant. Her mother married her father despite him being of a lower class than her. Jane's mother was disowned, as marrying below your status was frowned upon at that time. Jane is not like the Reeds in any way, which is the main reason why she is treated so harshly. She is left alone in the intimidating red-room as punishment for defending herself against John when he hits her.

    • Word count: 2386
  10. Jane Eyre - First two chapters review

    She also describes John's feelings because he is the only boy in the house and is portrayed as a bully. Then she explains the feelings of Mrs Reed of how she is cold, unfair, jealous of her husband's care for Jane and is unrealistic about her own children. Bront� illustrates the surroundings by talking about the weather and the house in which the family live in. The weather condition symbolises emotions and feelings for example, in chapter one, the bad weather represents her miserable feelings.

    • Word count: 1470
  11. The Use of Gothic in Charlotte Bront's Jane Eyre

    Bront�'s, Jane Eyre, fits the description of a Gothic novel. It has a persecuted heroine, is set in a dark, brooding house, complete with supernatural occurrences[C.F.4], a mad woman in the attic, and above all a sense of mystery. De Sousa Correa said "...We are aware of the intense relationship in Bronte's novel between the description of external conditions and the portrayal of individual thoughts and feelings". This "helps establish Jane's consciousness at the centre of the narrative where it remains throughout the rest of the novel" (87).

    • Word count: 1388
  12. Attitudes assignment- a class divided. Social Experiment in a primary school class to examine r****m.

    They just believed in what their parents told them. That Santa has a magic toy factory in the North Pole, and that the Easter bunny and the Tooth Fairy are close friends, might have once been part of their reality. The children would have an "attitude" showing that they believed that the minorities in the area were of a lower class than them and reacted to this in a cognitive, emotional, and behavioural manner. They reacted like this not because of their personal experience with minorities- but because of what was said about these minorities. And because of how respective figures and peers to the child treated the minorities.

    • Word count: 4307
  13. Explore some of the Aspects of Victorian Society which are depicted in Jane Eyre, Showing how Charlotte Bront expresses her opinion of them.

    Jewels for Jane Eyre sounds unnatural and strange: I would rather not have them.' She is telling Mr. Rochester that she does not want jewels because they don't mean much to her. In chapter twenty four when Mr. Rochester takes her shopping short after becoming engaged to each other, she feels uneasy with the attempts to shower her with extravagant gifts. She doesn't want her relationship with Mr. Rochester to be changed into a 'Society Match.' We see Jane standing up to Mr.

    • Word count: 1567
  14. Analyse the methods Charlotte Bronte uses to make the reader empathise with Jane Eyre in the opening chapters. Reflect on how the novel portrays Victorian ideology

    Bronte uses adjectives such as leafless, cold, winter, sombre and penetrating to set the setting of coldness and loneliness. Bronte uses nouns such as; shrubbery, wind, clouds and rain to emphasise how cold and lonely it was. The particular focus on loneliness is 'leafless shrubbery'; it reflects a lonely shrub, which is left without its leaves. The book - Bewick's History of British Birds, which Jane is reading shows great resemblance to Jane's character. 'They were does which treat of the haunts of sea-fowl'. Jane can be seen as the sea-fowl, because when she is at Gateshead Halls she shows a lot of fear towards John Reed.

    • Word count: 1590
  15. Look carefully at the opening chapters of 'Jane Eyre' and explore some of the ways in which Bronte is preparing the reader to follow the fortunes of her heroine.

    One way Bronte does this is by her presentation of Jane as the narrator to gain the readers sympathy. Because Jane is the narrator she can tell the reader her feelings. When Jane was being taken to the red room it said "I resisted all the way". She used the fact that she's the narrator to tell the reader how she is feeling. This quotation sums up Jane because in the house she is abused and treated terribly but she will still put up a fight against everyone else in the house because she's knows how they are treating her is wrong.

    • Word count: 1024
  16. It has been said of Jane Eyre: "She has learned to keep the passionate and assertive side of her nature well disguised," Do you agree with this statement?

    Bront� uses pathetic fallacy to reinforce the idea of Jane's unhappiness, 'a scene of wet lawn and storm- beat shrub, with ceaseless rain sweeping away wildly before a long and lamentable blast.' Jane's sense of isolation is evident from the start, as she is 'dispensed from joining the group' and hides herself behind a thick curtain in a deserted room. When discovered there by John Reed he is cruel and abusive to her, "you have no money; you ought to beg, and not live here with gentlemen's children like ours, and eat the same clothes we do, and wear clothes at our mama's expense.

    • Word count: 1989
  17. How does Charlotte Bront make the scene in the red room very frightening for Jane?

    Then Charlotte Bront� describes Jane's feelings towards what had happened by saying 'My terror had passed its climax; other feelings succeeded' this shows how Jane was so upset, she was beyond terror and fear. Then, as if John had gone too far, Jane just spoke her feelings out by saying 'wicked and cruel boy' 'you are like a murderer- you are like a slave driver- you are like the Roman emperors'. Usually Jane wouldn't say anything back to John because she had become 'accustomed to John Reed's abuse,'this shows that John does it so often, Jane is used to it.

    • Word count: 1399
  18. iki aykiri kadin - jane ve emma Her toplumun kendisine kural sayd baz davranlar vardr

    (Flaubert, Gustave. Madame Bovary. Istanbul: Remzi Kitabevi, 2003, 76) 19. y�zyil Fransa'sinda, kadina d�sen g�rev kocasina bagli olmak, onun yaninda durup ona destek olmaktir. Fakat Emma kocasindan utanir ve bu �zelligiyle diger kadinlardan ayrilir. Charles'in saygin bir doktor olmasina karsin Emma onu k��k g�r�r ve mutlulugu evinde degil baska yerlerde arar. Buna karsilik "Jane Eyre" romaninda, Jane mutlulugu hayallerde degil, kendisinde arar. G�z� Emma gibi y�kseklerde degildir. Jane kendisini Rochester'la, o zamanin y�ksek sinifindan bir adamla esit g�rmektedir. Kendisi daha alt siniftan olmasina ragmen, stat� farkina �nem vermez.

    • Word count: 1751
  19. Jane and Emmangiliz yazar Charlotte Bronte'nin "Jane Eyre"i ile Fransz yazar Gustave Flaubert'in "Madame Bovary

    Kadinlarin genis haklara sahip olamadigi bir toplumda Emma gibi bir tasra kadinin romanlardan g�rd�g� hayali yasamlara ulasmasi her ne kadar imkansiz olsa da, Emma bu ideal yasamina ulasamamanin hayal kirikligini bazi ufak maddi (kiyafet ve para gibi) ve manevi (Leon ve Rodolphe'le yasadigi k��k asklar gibi) tatminlerle gidermeye �alisir. Bunlar sayesinde kendisini oldugundan daha �st sinifin �yesi gibi de g�sterebilmektedir. Hareketleri ve tarzi ile kasaba halkindan daha y�ksek sinifa mensupmus gibi bir hava uyandirmaya �alisir. Evliliginin okudugu romanlardaki gibi olmadigini, yasaminin hayal ettigi piriltililara ulasamayacagini, gittigi davetteki gibi sik bir hayati olmayacagini anlayinca 'ask'i baska erkeklerde aramaya baslar.

    • Word count: 1169
  20. Fiziksel guzellik - jane eyre ve madam bovary

    Bunun da temelinde kolaycilik yatar ve bu kolayciligi k�r�kleyen yine bu kisilerin g�zelligidir. Emma Bovary de bu tip kadinlara �rnek olarak g�sterilebilir. Emma'nin g�zelligini kullanarak kolay yoldan sinif atlama hayalleri ilk olarak baloda ortaya �ikmistir. Bu b�l�mde Emma'nin "altin tipali siseler ... dantel s�sler, pirlantali broslar, madalyonlu bilezikler" (Flaubert, 65) gibi zenginlik g�steren detaylari g�zlemlemesi ve "elbiseleri herkesinkinden daha iyi dikilmis" (Flaubert, 66) ideal erkekleri uzun uzadiya incelemesi bu baloya aslinda bu erkeklerden birinin dikkatini �ekerek b�ylesi bir hayata karisabilmek umuduyla geldigini d�s�nd�r�r.

    • Word count: 1598
  21. Show clearly through reference to the novel, the development of Jane's character in Charlotte Bronte's novel 'Jane Eyre'

    It is not long before John Reed comes in and disturbs the silence. 'You have no business to take our books; you are a dependant, mama says; you have no money; your father left you none; you ought to beg, and not to live with gentlemen's children like us, and eat the same meals we do, and wear the clothes at our mama's expense.' Jane is made to feel guilty, and to believe that she is not worthy to live under such fine conditions, and to think that she lived with people of much higher class than her, even though they are her family.

    • Word count: 3732
  22. Jane Eyre" ve "Madame Bovary" adl romanlarda erkek karakterlerin gemilerinde yaadklar ilikiler

    "Charles evlenmekle halinin iyilesecegini ummus, daha serbest olacagini, bildigi gibi hareket edip parasini istedigi gibi harcayacagini sanmisti. Fakat evin asil efendisi, karisi oldu; Charles'in herkesin i�inde sunu deyip bunu dememesi, cumalari et yememesi, karisinin keyfinde giyinmesi, para vermeyen m�sterileri mektupla boyuna sikmasi lazim geldi. Karisi onun mektuplarini a�iyor, onu her isinde kolluyor, i�eride kadin hasta olunca kulagini duvara verip dinliyordu." (Gustave Flaubert, 31). Emma'dan �nce varolan bu iki Madame Bovary, okuyucuyu Charles'in "kontrol edilebilir" kisiligi �zerine d�s�nd�r�r. Charles baskalari tarafindan kolaylikla y�nlendirilir.

    • Word count: 1099
  23. Jane Eyre Chapters 5-10. How does Jane's relationship with Helen change her?

    Jane ponders to herself as to whether Helen is good or naughty girl after seeing someone she admires being punished. The following day Jane again observes Helen being reprimanded by Miss Scatcherd for a multitude of reasons "Burns, you are standing on the side of your shoe; turn your toes out immediately. Burns, you poke your chin out most unpleasantly; draw it in. Burns, I insist on you holding your head up; I will not have you before me in that attitude."

    • Word count: 1531
  24. will mainly discuss the way in which Charlotte Bronte portrays Jane Eyre whom the book is based on. I am going to show how Jane was treated and viewed by her companions.

    Orphans were seen as children yet who were not as normal as normal children and did not have their capabilities, culture, cleverness just because they were orphans. In the beginning stages of the novel Jane tells about her not having any family stating that; her mother and her father had the typhus and "both died within a month of each other" which senses she is lonely and does not feel that the reed family is a part of her and she is single and has no one at all.

    • Word count: 1989

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