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GCSE: David Guterson

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  1. How does Guterson present distrust of the Japanese in the novel Snow falling on Cedars?

    Guterson uses Kabuo's trial as an extension of the white community of San Piedro's distrust towards their Asian neighbours. From the outset, it is clear Kabuo's trial in unfounded and Guterson involves the reader in the subjective viewpoint of the island. He only refers to Kabuo as 'the accused' for the first part of the novel and concentrates on the prosecution, inviting the reader to make a biased judgement regarding Kabuo's innocence. As the novel progresses we learn that Kabuo's arrest stems from prejudice and not fact.

    • Word count: 949
  2. Ishmael Chambers's intellectual transformation in Snow Falling on Cedars

    He helped out his father once in a while with the newspaper. In addition he has an intense relationship with Hatsue Imada, a Japanese American born in San Piedro. They both go to the same school and have deep, passionate feelings about San Piedro and particularly the cedar tree where they meet each other often. In fact, Ishmael was obsessed with Hatsue due his constant spying on her while she was working at home or on the field. Consequently, Ishmael realizes how much Hatsue means to him and eventually falls in love with her.

    • Word count: 697

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