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GCSE: DH Lawrence

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Compare the two poems, 'The Best of School' and 'Last Lesson of the Afternoon' by DH Lawrence.

    3 star(s)

    The first stanza refers to the children as being a, 'pack of unruly hounds!' When the writer refers to the children as being unruly hounds I think he is trying to explain that there are a lot of disobedient children and there is only one teacher to control this pack of hounds. The fact that the children are being referred to as animals means that man should control them but the teacher can't control his hounds. The teacher says, 'How long have they tugged the leash, and strained apart.'

    • Word count: 1458
  2. The Rocking Horse Winner

    "The Rocking Horse Winner" is a leading example of an author skillfully utilizing this theoretical approach to the development of a story. In this story the psychoanalytic theory is applied. In literature, there are two types of psychoanalytic theory. One is built on the work of Sigmund Freud and the other is the modification of Freud's work by Jacques Lacan, a French psychoanalyst. From these two perspectives of this specific theory, Jacques Lacan's theory appears to be the inspiration that Lawrence wrote his story from.

    • Word count: 1373
  3. "Snake" By D. H. Lawrence - review

    He suggests an allegorical(metaphorical) meaning to the idea of the snake. The snake , according to Lawrence represents Nature that ties Man to the earth .However, he criticizes the way the Man in modern age deals with this nature and how he tends to destroy it as a result of his education or civilization. The protagonist in this poem is torn between two voices, that of his education, which tells him that the snake is dangerous and should thus be killed immediately and that of his soul, which feels that he is spirtually linked to this snake that honoured him " I longed to talk to him".

    • Word count: 1942
  4. Discuss the part played by the narrator in two, or more texts. The two books I have chosen to compare are The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro and A Fragment of Stained Glass by D. H. Lawrence.

    The vicar's guest is the original narrator. However the second part of the story is told by the vicar himself. The vicar tells his own written story. The vicar's story narrator is a stable boy. The story tells about how the stable boy murdered a horse which then led to a chain reaction of events which caused the young stable boy to flee for his life. The vicar then becomes the main narrator as he reads his story to his guest with no interruptions.

    • Word count: 1803
  5. Compare how nature is used/conveyed in 'A Snowy Day in School' and 'Schoolroom on a Wet Afternoon'.

    Lawrence sees his pupils as mysterious and full of potential, which is hard for him to reach. He explores his relationship with an impression that the reader may share his views. 'Schoolroom on a Wet Afternoon' talks too about the school system and the potential in children. Vernon Scannell also gives the sense that there is no individuality in the classroom and he tell us how 'each child is disciplined; absorbed and still At his small desk'. Here he implies that although these boys are having a very ordered schooling, this does not necessarily guarantee a good adult life.

    • Word count: 1843
  6. Write a study of the opening of DH Lawrence's short story

    It also suggests that the story might be related to death. The opening of the story starts by depicting the engine. It describes it with negative words like "clanking, stumbling" which is associated to noisiness and clumsiness, to make it sound dangerous and ugly. It is not accomplishing the promise to mankind to be fast as it only appears to have "loud threats of speed". Even the colt, which was frightened by it, ran faster. Lawrence is trying to acknowledge that nature is threatened by industry although it is much more beautiful.

    • Word count: 1234
  7. Comparison Essay: The Shades of Spring & Things by D.H Lawrence. An analysis on how D.H Lawrence portrays the theme of freedom his two stories.

    In the Shades of Spring, freedom is depicted through descriptions involving the environment and the nature surrounding it. The best examples of this is when the main character, D.H Lawrence describes the surrounding environment in every new scene that arises, as the story progresses. In one of the opening scenes of the story Lawrence describes the landscape, which can be seen from Syson's position; Syson who is the main character of the story. When Syson arrives enters this new scenic landscape, Lawrence begins describing the surrounding in terms of the flowers, the streams, the "pools of bluebells" and the "ice-water blue lakes".

    • Word count: 1307
  8. Compare and contrast 'Last Lesson of the Afternoon,' 'The Best of School' (both by D.H Lawrence) and an extract from William Goldsmith's 'The Deserted Village' called 'The Schoolmaster'.

    While Lawrence gives the point of view of the observer, from the outside. Goldsmith begins by giving us a description of how well the Schoolmaster even has his house. In the second line he does this by appealing to our sense of sight in describing the schoolmaster's home. The house is also described as a 'noisy mansion' but this is not because the house really is a mansion it just describes the grandness of it. As it is later described as 'his little school,' although this is because Goldsmith is looking back on his schooldays with fond memories.

    • Word count: 1429
  9. Sons and Lovers Critical Review.

    She commented that Paul Morel's relationship with his mother fits Freud's Oedipus complex- Paul felt passion towards his mother. Millett quoted Freud's prediction that "he who is a favorite of the mother becomes a conqueror." She says that Paul is just that. She considered him to be pompous as an adolescent because of his mother's encouragement. Although Paul was described as a sensitive nice man, Millett saw through the Puritanism Lawrence was creating. She considered Paul to be callow in the way he treated Miriam and Clara.

    • Word count: 1133
  10. Original Writing - A jagged scream violently slashed through the silent fabric of the savannah dark.

    The tent was 15 metres or so away from where David stood, and he groggily advanced to it, in some small part hoping that something had happened to Brianna so that at least he could be rid of her for the rest of this safari. Amidst his lethargic thoughts, David tripped over a vine protruding from the lushly vegetated ground and fell to the soily earth. He bled - quite heavily - a gash had been cut into his palm and for a moment, he contemplated going back to plaster his wound before attending to Brianna's dilemma.

    • Word count: 1079
  11. A comparison between 2 poems “Lore” written by R.S Thomas and “Woman Work” by Maya Angelou.

    For example instead of using modern technology to meow the lawn he uses the "scythe". In the poem it also suggests that he is against modern technology as it says, "Never mind the machine, whose fuel is human soul" The weather is portrayed as an enemy, as the metaphor "slow poison" is used, it then goes on describing the old and treachery winter, as it states "winters old", and "After treachery of the seasons", overall it is a very pessimistic atmosphere but Job Davies somehow still looks at in a pleasant way as he sates, "its still alive" this also suggests that he is a positive person.

    • Word count: 1227
  12. Refer to D.H. Lawrence's 'Last Lesson of the Afternoon' and B. Patten's 'Dead Thick.' Compare and contrast where appropriate. In your concluding comments, say which you prefer and why.

    are highlighted throughout by the choice of verbs. He seems to be totally exasperated and seems only to be in the job for the money and promotion. The teachers' mood also changes throughout the poem. In stanza two he is in utter despair, 'I am sick, and what on earth is the good of it all?' which turns into anger, as he reflects on their 'Dross of indifference' and states vehemently 'Take the toll of their insults in punishment? - I will not! -' In stanzas four and five he becomes flippant, 'What do I care?' 'What is the point?'

    • Word count: 1064
  13. The aim of the financial report is to supply information on the costs and revenue of the school production to the school governors. The finance office had some data on the income and expenditure of the school production.

    This creates a situation where the production seems to be directed for the adults as the primary audience. 10% of the tickets were sold to the OAP and their number was fair enough because not all OAPs would be interest in children school production. The total revenue that they earn that day was below the average because they spend less money on the advertisement. The tickets sales represents 67% of the maximum possible of these 65% was to adults, as can be seen in the pie chart below of the �977 income 81% come from adult ticket sales.

    • Word count: 1107
  14. What aspects of the short story tradition are exemplified in "Odour of Chrysanthemums"?

    Overall, though, this is a perfectly good example of a short story with a traditionally simple and linear plot. In terms of the timespan covered by a short story, there are traditionally at least two different types of short story. Often a plot will deal with a fairly long timespan, but the author will economise on description in order to fit the narrative into the length of a short story. Maupassant's "The Jewel's" is a perfect example of this type of narrative - the author describes the illness and death of the main character's wife in two short sentences.

    • Word count: 1254
  15. Box Office Systems And Procedures

    This would hopefully attract more attention to the Fame display board, as we set up the box office underneath it. The box office consists of a table lined with an American flag, with a sign on top clearly stating when and where tickets will be on sale. Every morning at 10:05 (college break time) we set up the box office further with an order booklet, seating plans and a float (an exact example of these systems/procedures we are using are situated in the diary entries).

    • Word count: 1345
  16. Compare the role of the fathers in Captain Corelli's Mandolin and The Shell Seekers

    On the other hand Berni�res tells the story as it happens. The story is told from a wider point of view and it is more objective. This is why find out more of Dr. Iannis' faults than Lawrence's faults. This idea of faults makes it more realistic. We see that Iannis is really proud and does not like showing his feelings, he is very patriotic and sometimes this makes him unwelcoming towards foreigners. We see this when Corelli arrives at the house. Iannis makes his life very difficult just because he is an Italian. This is seen when Pelagia tells him: "Papakis, you made him feel like a flea." (Page 204)

    • Word count: 1869
  17. "In their poems "Snake" and "Medallion", D.H. Lawrence and Sylvia Plath describe the snakes in detail. What thoughts and feelings do the poets communicate to you by the images they use?"

    The stanzas are of different lengths and are of free verse. Again Lawrence communicates his feelings to the reader through the layout of the poem suggesting that the snake is very curvy and slender. The usage of free verse through the layout of the poem helps to show that the snake was curvy as the stanzas are of different length. The poem is irregular showing the poet communicating his thoughts of the appearance of the snake to the reader as snakes have many irregular patterns on their skin. Through the detailed contents of the poem the thoughts and feelings of the poet are presented clearly.

    • Word count: 1493
  18. Look carefully at 'Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver' by Thomas Hardy and 'Tickets Please by D.H Lawrence. What do these two short stories tell us about the roll of women in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?

    In 'The arch Deceiver' the first woman Unity Sallet is very forward but a little naive toward men. This is shown when she agrees to hide in the wagon so the next lady doesn't see them. Tony Kytes uses an excuse which makes it sound like it would be better for her, when he really is doing it for himself. "Now, dearest Unity will ye, to avoid all unpleasantness which I know ye can't bear more than I, will ye lie down in the back part of the wagon."

    • Word count: 1110
  19. Studying the two poems "Beautiful Old Age" and "Winters Tale" I am going to comment on D H Lawrence's attitude to old age and Death.

    The first part of the second verse gives the reader the impression that Lawrence has had a hard life and to some extent is quite bitter about it. In the middle part he is saying that people take so much rubbish on board in their lives that it becomes a kind of twisted normality, Whereas if they didn't take so much rubbish and accept so many lies then "they would ripen like apples, and be scented like pippins in their old age".

    • Word count: 1294
  20. Why Is the Story called f***y and Annie?

    This image is reinforced by the colour of scarf Harry is wearing, "his red-and-black scarf knotted round his neck," this could suggest the two personalities in the relationship, Harry's black drabness coupled with f***y's fiery nature. We later learn that f***y was once a "lady's maid" but had rejected that lifestyle to "come back to marry her first love, a foundry worker." However, we can see that f***y is not entirely happy with the scenario she is in, this is best illustrated when she is comparing her arrival with her arrival at Gloucester, her previous dwellings, "Compare this with the arrival at Gloucester, the carriage for her mistress, the dogcart for herself...everybody so polite to her."

    • Word count: 1466
  21. Compare and Contrast “Tony Kytes” the Arch Deceiver By Thomas Hardy and “Tickets Please” By Dh Lawrence.

    The two stories both have different variations in narrating. DH Lawrence is very descriptive and writes in a way that is omniscient. "Tony Kytes" has more dialogue than description. "Tony Kytes" begins with a anecdote, with the rest of the story in Cornish. Even some descriptions are written in Cornish. "Tony Kytes" is almost all in dialect, a Dorset dialect. Some examples are "o't" meaning "of it", "ee" for "you" and "tis" meaning "it is". This makes it perfectly clear it is in dialect. Only dialogue in "Tickets Please" is in dialect.

    • Word count: 1405
  22. How Does Lawrence make clear to the Reader the Difficulties in the Relationship Between Men and Women?

    The dread deepens as time moves on and her fears are confirmed. While half-aware that this could happen, she was not actually prepared for it, and both women are numbed and unsure of their conflicting emotions by the end of the stories ' "shut up, for God's sake!" cried Annie fiercely, as if in torture'. Annie almost regrets her actions against John; we know that she had begun to feel strongly for him, which is why she tried to push him into a more serious relationship.

    • Word count: 1111
  23. An Essay Comparing ‘Medallion’ and ‘Snake’

    The snake is happy in death, it is grinning, almost as though death has perfected it. In line seven, 'Tongue a rose coloured arrow' is a metaphor. This perfects the snake further. Since the snake is so beautiful, the narrator picks it up to examine it in more detail. Its 'little vermilion eye' represents the fires of h**l where the snake is going, as it is often thought of as an evil creature. The words 'flame' and 'light' emphasise this further in the next stanza. The description is perfecting the snake's appearance. Its belly is coloured by the rays of the sun, and another metaphor is used, 'Going under the chain mail'.

    • Word count: 1277
  24. Explain how the opening three paragraphs of “Tickets Please” create an appropriate atmosphere for the rest of the story.

    His father was a miner and he has obviously drawn upon his own experiences of the views of the surrounding area to help to help create the atmosphere for the setting of the story. Lawrence was also a moralist who believed that "Modern day man was in danger of loosing the quality of life." This becomes very evident in the description contained in the first paragraph where he is almost saying that life in this village is as black, gloomy and boring as the scene witnessed from the tramcar.

    • Word count: 1114
  25. D.H. Lawrence's 'Snake'.

    The true daunting forces of the narrator's sentiments are the "voices of [his] education" (22). While the said voices remain mysterious, foreboding, and unnatural in Lawrence's realm of natural thought and environment, the snake is familiar, and is accredited with figurative familiarity: He lifted his head from drinking, as cattle do, He looked at me vaguely as drinking cattle do (16-17). Comparing the snake's actions to the docile, accustomed behaviour of a primarily agricultural species lessens the threat that the snake projects, yet the poem's tension is not respectively decreased.

    • Word count: 1254

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