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GCSE: George Eliot

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  1. Discuss the presentation of Silas Marner in chapter 1+2, and comment on settings and any themes

    The village held a nostalgic view of life and were bewildered by the concept of Silas's profession, weaving. They were confused by how thread was made into clothing and were suspicious of the newcomer, Silas, Because of this they thought he was in league with the devil. However, the other environment depicted is Lantern Yard, which was Silas's home town before he was expelled. Lantern Yard is a poor artisan community and even the name suggests that is a place which is dark where no one goes. However the inhabitants are all close friends and all gather together for the church services.

    • Word count: 960
  2. Silas Marner How does Eliot show how the Characters are feeling in chapter 19?

    Money was taken away from me in time; and you see it been kept - - kept till it was wanted for you." But when Godrey and Nancy turn up his mood changes because Godrey and Nancy try to ruin Silas's and Eppie's relationship. He is Angry & Sad because he thinks that he will lose everything if Eppie goes to live with Godfrey and Nancy. He feels love because he thinks that if Eppie goes to live Godrey and Nancy she will have better education and a good job and money

    • Word count: 603
  3. A Room With A View

    When Lucy finally finds George looking into the view, the reader can see that George has already found his freedom. The immediacy of their first kiss as George, 'stepped quickly forward and kissed her' shows that George, for the first time in his life knows what he wants. The language that Forster uses to describe Lucy as the 'one who had fallen out of heaven' enables the use of imagery to portray Lucy as an angel. Lucy is literally the first women in George's life which portrays the image of Adam and Eve.

    • Word count: 957
  4. Review of Silas Marner

    He then spent fifteen years weaving linen and gathering money in the town of Raveloe in this way and then counting and cherishing his fortune every night until it was stolen by Dunstan (the son of the most important man in the book, Squire Cass) which greatly depressed Silas and made him feel like he had nothing to live for. This sadness in Silas continues until the opium-addicted wife of Godfrey (who is Dunstan's brother) approaches Raveloe in order to make Godfrey actual acknowledge her and their daughter in public but takes an opium overdose on the way and dies

    • Word count: 935
  5. St. George was born in around the 3rd century to a Christian

    In 303, Diocletian issued an order authorising the persecution of Christians across the Empire. His caesar, Galerius, was supposedly responsible for this decision and would continue the persecution during his own reign (305-311). I was believed that George was ordered to take part in the persecution but instead he confessed to being a Christian and criticised the imperial decision. Because of this, Diocletian ordered the torture of the traitor and his execution. After various tortures, George was executed by decapitation in front of Nicomedia's defensive wall on April 23, 303. The witness of his suffering convinced Empress Alexandra and Athanasius, a pagan priest, to also become Christians, and so they also joined George in martyrdom as a consequence.

    • Word count: 765
  6. Consider fatherhood in the novel, with particular reference to Squire Cass, Godfrey and Silas Marner

    Squire Cass lives in the Red house and he is the greatest man in Raveloe also a rich landowner. He spends most of his time at the Rainbow inn, a place were wealthy men come to keep themselves occupied. The Squire is lazy, self-satisfied, and short tempered. Squire Cass made his children work and when their mother died he did not say anything to comfort them, he lacked in maternal influence. The Squire does not seem to care very much for his sons, only for his money. He allows his sons to do pretty much whatever they please, because he does not care what happens to them as long as his tenants are not involved.

    • Word count: 952
  7. Bernard Malamud, "A Summer's Reading

    People want respect because they want others to know how good they are. Though everybody wants it, most people often take it for granted. The irony of it all is that people wants it so much that they would do anything just to get it. In the story, the theme Respect is very important for everybody was shown a couple of times. An example of these scenes is when George was contemplating whether or not he should attend the night classes. "He has considered registering in a night high school, only he did not like the idea of teachers always telling him what to do. He felt that they had not respected him."

    • Word count: 876
  8. Who is the Greater Villain - Godfrey or Dunstan

    He also allows Dunstan to blackmail him about his marriage. ""Well, Master Godfrey, what do you want with me?" said Dunsy in a mocking tone "Suppose, now, you get the money yourself, and save me the trouble, eh? ...You'll not refuse me the kindness to pay it back for me: it was the brotherly love made you do it, you know?"" This implies Dunsy is taking advantage over his brother and he also sounds like he is being sarcastic when he talks about brotherly love.

    • Word count: 816
  9. Character Sketch - William Dane

    Silas Marner has a petit mal fit in a prayer meeting and the sly William Dane says it looks, "more like a visitation of Satan than proof of divine favour." This is when William Dane's jealousness of Silas Marner's engagement to Sarah starts.

    • Word count: 331
  10. Character Sketch - Priscilla Lammeter.

    Priscilla is rather plain and frumpy. She is, "Square-shouldered, clumsy, high featured". Priscilla is not embarrassed by her ugly looks, for her it isn't important. We know this because she says freely, "For I am ugly - there's no denying that." She says exactly what she thinks, such as, "Well, it just popped out". This is also a part of her honesty which is why she says, "For I'm a bad un to live with folks when the don't like the truth."

    • Word count: 300
  11. My Book Report About 'I Capture The Castle'- Dodie Smith

    wild passion for 'communing with nature', her father, a 'one hit wonder' author who wrote a best-selling novel around a decade ago, and seemingly has not put pen to paper since, and lastly, Stephen- fiercely handsome, and utterly besotted with Cassandra. The entire family is completely penniless, with Stephen, the son of their dead housekeeper, the only money earner. Cassandra has given herself the task of finding a suitably rich bachelor to marry Rose, who finds living in poverty impossible, but the problem is, they do not know anybody at all, other than the librarian from in the village, Miss Marcy.

    • Word count: 541
  12. Consider fatherhood in the novel, with particular reference to Squire Cass, Godfrey and Silas Marner

    This quote was put in by the author to show how Squire Cass controls his children. Squire Cass also doesn't influence them in a positive manner. He doesn't spend any quality time with his children and bond. He spoils his children by indulging them with money, goods and services, but he doesn't give any love. He lacks interest in his sons and his other children. He worries a lot about his status, reputation and the name of his family. It is not that the Squire has any time for his sons; it's that he wastes his time.

    • Word count: 912
  13. WeLearn A Lot About Values In

    He regularly takes his collection of gold coins out and has an obsession with feeling them, counting them, stacking them but doesn't like silver coins. "He spread them out in heaps and bathed his hands in them." It is the only thing he has and accordingly he loves the gold coins almost as if they were part of his family. Dustan Cass, most of the time referred to as Dunsey, is a spendthrift, perhaps because he is the son of the Squire.

    • Word count: 918
  14. How does Molly's death bring happiness to Silas, Godfrey and Nancy?

    As he regains consciousness he realises the new arrival and thinks it is his gold as this was of the same colour as her hair. Silas decides to go into Squire's house to report the death of Molly and the discovery of the new joy in his life. When Silas invites himself in the back door of the party, Godfrey is one of the first people to see him. When Silas begins to speak about the dead woman in the snow, Godfrey immediately realizes that she's his wife.

    • Word count: 842
  15. On page 42 we are given a rare glimpse of George's personality "You see puther…….nobody different". Explain how this contrast with the way the writer presents his character earlier in the play.

    "Pakistani way to live is good way, parent look after children, children look after parent. English people not like this". This quote tells us how much he hate English people and their culture and want his family to live their life in Pakistani way. George is a strong character and thinks himself a proud Pakistani as he got a chips and fish shop. In this play he mostly causes violence. His opening sentence in this play is "come here you dirty little baster......."

    • Word count: 770
  16. How does George Eliot present the role of fatherhood in Silas Marner, and who do you think makes the best father in the novel?

    In the novel itself, there are many fathers, some of which we do not see much of. The main fathers happen to be Squire Cass, his son Godfrey, Ben Winthrop, Mr Lammeter and later on, Silas Marner. There is much distinction between these characters and the one that sticks out the most is perhaps Godfrey Cass. Godfrey is a young man who was seemingly forced to marrying some drug taking vagrant after making her pregnant, this fact is of course his secret which he has told no-one about. His child is Eppie, the little girl that Silas Marner comes to love as his own.

    • Word count: 793
  17. Molly Moons Incredible Book of Hypnotism - summary.

    The unfortunate librarian had no idea where it was. When the man left and Molly was again in the quiet she begins looking at the books around her all of them about yaks, yachting and ypnotism. After realizing that there is no such thing as ypnotism, Molly pulled the book off the shelf and realizes that it was the lost book that had been misshelved because the first letter had been ripped of the title. The real title was; "Hypnotism An Ancient Art Explained by Doctor H. Logan" Molly steals the book and this is the point where her life turns around.

    • Word count: 918
  18. 'Many of the characters in Minimum of two find it difficult to let go of the past and get on with their lives.' Discuss with reference to two characters.

    They do not want to accept changes. Jerra is a strong man and fulfills his roll as a son, husband and a father. Sometimes he thinks about what is missing in his life. Throughout the novel he struggles with the difficulties with his wife and his son, "Everything was changed, how long had it been since they were happy", 'Forest Winter'. The death of his father was an impact to him, but he learned from the event. Before his father died, they talked, and his father encouraged him by saying he has done well.

    • Word count: 595
  19. East Is East - film review.

    In fact, even though he won't admit it, George is a hypocrite. 25 years ago, he left Pakistan to come to England to make his fortune. Instead of bringing his first wife with him, he left her behind and married Ella. Now, the couple operates a chip shop together. But, despite his own poor example, George is determined to make his children into good Pakistanis, even if it's physically painful. The problem is that they see themselves as English and are angered by their father's restrictions.

    • Word count: 740
  20. Journalism- A series of book reports/reviews.

    Whipple's book features a wonderful selection of poems about animals and the natural world, including Jane Yolen's "Winter Song of the Weasel," Douglas Florian's "The Winter Tree" and Ted Hughes' "Goose." Marilyn Singer's delightful "Deer Mouse" replicates the rhythms of a deer mouse scampering over the snow to gather food: "get get get get get/get/out of the nest/get/into the cold." The poems are brought to life by the wonderful illustrations of Japanese artist Hatsuki Hori. Whether Hori is illustrating a deep blue sky over a snowman, or leaves swept away in a mighty wind.

    • Word count: 752
  21. Explore the outsider in "Silas Marner".

    This simply shows that purely from Silas' physical appearance he had already been separated from the rest of the community and it didn't help that "superstition clung easily round every person or thing that was at all unwanted." The book compares Silas to a spider. This increases villager's suspicions, because spiders are creatures feared and not often seen, just like Silas. The book does this by making Silas seem as if he was hiding in Raveol. This is just like a spider hides in a house and this image is created on page fifteen it says "set within sight of the widespread hillsides, than this low, wooded region, where he felt hidden from even the heavens by the screening trees."

    • Word count: 971
  22. My article is about the prosecution of Mr George for Jill Dando's murder. The article is titled Tiny trace from gun that points to Dando's killer.

    card in Mr George's assumed name Barry Balsara which had the name " Dando" written across it, and undeveloped photographs that he appeared to have taken of his television while female presenters were on the screen. Mr George, 41, unemployed, form Fulham, West London, denies murdering Miss Dando, 37, outside her home in Gowan Avenue, Fulham, in April 1999. The court has been told that she was killed with a single shot through her head, probably as she crouched at her killer's feet with the handgun pressed hard against the left side of her head.

    • Word count: 776
  23. Willie Beech is an eight-year-old maltreated child.

    Toms understanding and support during this time helped Willie to overcome it. Also it shows good parenting skills. The way Wills mother brought him up doesn't help. She told him many lies just so he'd be scared, more controllable and better behaved. Several years of this cruel "treatment" lead Willie to think that most families were like his. He'd never even realised before that things she'd said may not even be true. When William first came to the village, Tom had no choice over having an evacuee, so couldn't say no. I think Tom noticed the difference in Wills behaviour compared to other children and couldn't understand why he was that way at first.

    • Word count: 726
  24. Detailed study of Silas Marner.

    Godfrey had secretely been married to a women called molly and had a child. When Silas Brings the little girl to his house Godfrey recognises her and realises that the women Silas found must be the girls mother, Molly. Godfrey rushes out to make sure that the women was dead because if she was he could then marry Nancy Lammeter. The women is dead and later on when he returns to the party at the red house he proposes to Nancy. He doesn't own up to the fact that he was married to Molly and that the little girl is his child.

    • Word count: 701
  25. What Happened To the Romanov Family?

    in that house and in source B Charles Eliot states that there is no real evidence as to who or how many victims there were. The two accounts maybe so similar because Judge Sergeyev showed Eliot around the house, and Sergeyev may have just shown Eliot wanted what he wanted to see and covered up anything he didn't want him to see.

    • Word count: 540

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