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GCSE: Animal Farm

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  1. Animal Farm Extract - Power and Napoleon

    Furthermore, Napoleon has allot of power, 'Napoleon...now mounted to the raise portion of the floor,' which symbolises how he is superior to the other animals. In the extract, a barbaric impression of the dogs is created due to Orwell's lexical choice to describe the dogs, 'At this there was a terrible baying sound outside and nine enormous dogs wearing brass studied collars came bounding into the barn' here a negative impression of the dogs is created through the adjective, 'terrible' which describes the noise they made.

    • Word count: 1243
  2. Would rebelling against Napoleon be just as easy as rebelling against Jones?

    Firstly, Napoleon would do anything to stop protests and rebellions against him. From different incidents in Animal Farm, Napoleon is proved to be an authoritarian. Every animal has to obey him and follow his orders, or else they would be killed. He is also self-seeking, thereby willing to gain benefits by any means. For example, in chapter five, Snowball is chased out of the farm by the dogs. He has been declared a traitor and Jones' spy. In chapter seven, the hens refuse to give their eggs.

    • Word count: 606
  3. Animal Farm - Comparison in between book and film

    FILM BOOK 1) At the end: Napoleon died, new owners came to the farm. 'Happy ending'. There is hope for the renamed 'Manor Farm' At the end: "The creatures looked from pig to man and from man to pig, but it was impossible to say which was which", Napoleon was still under command. There is no hope. 2) A dog called Jessie; was very important, almost the principal character, she narrated the story. Clover the cow didn't appear. Clover was important; she was contradictory to the rebellion as she liked human things like her ribbon.

    • Word count: 787
  4. '' A great deal of modem writing is about unhappy, evil things.'' This relates closely to the novel 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell.

    Napoleon made the animals work a lot harder and for a longer period of time. The most hard working animal was Boxer on the farm. He did everything that he was told to do and he came up with a couple of slogans ' I will work harder ' and ' Comrade Napoleon is always right '. These slogans were inspirational to the animals on the farm, some of the animals even tried to adopt his sayings aswell. Another cruel act in the novel is that Napoleon kills all the animals that don't obey him or lie to him.

    • Word count: 727
  5. Animal Fram- PIGS

    Snowball then elaborates on Old Major's general philosophy into the seven commandments. Orwell describes Snowball as a pig very similar to Napoleon, both wanting a leadership position in the new farm, but as time goes on, each eventually realising that one of them will have to step down. Orwell tells us that the two were always arguing. "Snowball and Napoleon were by far the most active in the debates. But it was noticed that these two were never in agreement: whatever suggestion either of them made, the other could be counted to oppose it." Later, Orwell makes the case stronger.

    • Word count: 800
  6. (GCSE) Animal Farm -"What do you think of the pigs in the novel?"

    Snowball who represents Trotsky who had good intentions for the rebellion and wanted "Permanent Revolution". Napoleon shows the character of Stalin, who used the rebellion to manipulate the people of Russia. At the time Stalin sat back and then turned the people of Russia against Trotsky which is mirrored in Animal Farm. The pigs rise to power was very quick as they jumped to the chance to control the farm and Old Major was very respected, so they took it upon themselves to enforce his rules. The pigs were very intelligent and knew they had to organize and make plans for the Rebellion to succeed.

    • Word count: 768
  7. Animal Farm

    From the very beginning of the story there are features within Napoleon's character which suggest that he is crooked. Even from the initial description of Napoleon in chapter 2 where he is described as a "large rather fierce looking Berkshire boar on the farm, not much of a talker but with a reputation for getting his own way," (p9) Napoleon's bullying tendencies are established. It is also suggested by the fact that he does not talk much but that he is someone who may well manipulate behind the scenes. From the very start of the rebellion Napoleon is shown to be deceptive .

    • Word count: 1584
  8. Animal Farm. 885273

    One of the main ideas of Animal Farm is to show the Human behaviour towards the use of power, and is conveyed through the use of Anthropomorphism and in the form of a fable so it is in a universal and culturally accessible manner. George Orwell has written Animal farm in a very simple and formal language and as a third person narrative so it is also easy for people whose first language is not English. He wrote the story in the form of a fable to obtain a wide audience and so that the story could be easily understood and translated into any language.

    • Word count: 2200
  9. Animal Farm essay

    The novel tells the simple and tragic story of what happens when the oppressed Manor farm's animal's rebel, drive out Mr. Jones, the farmer, and attempt to rule the farm themselves, on an equal basis. What the animals seem to have aimed at was a utopian sort of communism, where each would work according to his capacity, respecting the needs of others. The venture failed, and "Animal Farm" ended up being a dictatorship of pigs, which were the brightest, and most idle of the animals.

    • Word count: 872
  10. To what extent does George Orwell ensure that the reader views Napoleon as the true villain of Animal Farm?

    Before this, he had already murdered innocent animals that had confessed to crimes they hadn't committed. They only did this because they were afraid of Napoleon. We are told that "there was a pile of corpses lying before Napoleon's feet and the air was heavy with the smell of blood, which had been unknown there since the expulsion of Jones." - this dictatorship relied on fear, which he caused amongst the rest of the animals, treating them like slaves when all animals were supposed to be equal and making them work much more for smaller rations, just like in Jones' time.

    • Word count: 1131
  11. Animal farm:

    One of boxers flaws, as was the flaw of the labouring class of Russia. Is his lack of inteliigence "Boxer could not get beyond the letter D". Orwell cleverly demonstrates this to alert the reader of the consequineccs of illetracy and how stupid animals where more exploited than the smarter ones. The name "Boxer" creates an image of a powerful character and this is what boxer is, what he lacks in brains he makes up in brawn "'I have no wish to take life, not even human life,' repeated boxer and his eyes were full of tears".

    • Word count: 896
  12. Animal Farm Book Report

    All of a sudden Napoleon announces that the windmill will go ahead and be built, and whenever anything bad happens on the farm Napoleon blames it on Snowball, and poisons the rest of the animals against him. Most of the next years are spent building the windmill, and Boxer, a very strong horse proves himself very useful during these hard times. One night a storm hits toppling over their nearly built windmill and all their efforts were in vein, and of course Napoleon blames this incident on Snowball.

    • Word count: 3742
  13. How far would you agree that Animal Farm is, as Orwell describes it, A Fairy Story(TM)?

    Just like most dictators in Russia used secret police, for example, the Cheka, and the KGB, so to, here the secret police are represented by the dogs, who are secret in the way in which they were previously just 'spirited away' by Napoleon, whereby everyone just forgot about them, until of course Napoleon released them, and used them to gain superiority over the animals, by use of violence, whereby they could at ease, kill any opposed to Napoleon's ruler ship.

    • Word count: 1748
  14. Presentation - to what extent was the revolution planned

    Whenever things went wrong later in the book, Snowball was to blame. This was so that they had a 'scape-goat', so that if anything were done, they would soon dismiss the fact that the main problems were often because it was Napoleon who changed or bent the rules. For example, Squealer said on behalf of Napoleon: "The resolution against engaging in trade and using money had never been passed. It was pure imagination, probably traceable in the beginning to lies circulated by Snowball, " when in fact, it was Napoleon who wanted to sell the animals' produce for materials to build the windmill.

    • Word count: 1091
  15. Animal Farm

    Napoleon is a dictator, who was very selfish and only cares about himself and not other animals. He represents some leaders who misuse their power for their own interest. For example, from the book of Animal Farm he used to execute all who confessed when they go against his leadership. Boxer is a hard working horse who worked hard for the benefits of the farm and all animals. He represents working class people who are working hard for the benefits of their country or society. For example, Boxer was waking up earlier than any animal at the farm and went to work and he was injured because of working too much.

    • Word count: 901
  16. Animal Farm, how is Napoleon portryed as an efective leader? Standard Grade English - achevied grade one

    The faster and more logical approach he takes towards the situation at hand he feels will result in him not being overthrown. The deaths of the hens are a threat informing the other animals he is the main power and will not be disobeyed. The approach he takes is heartless and cruel but proves he has the determination to rule. Within the farm luxury food is scarce so the pigs use persuasive techniques to be given the harvest. In particular Squealer gave convincing statements to gain the produce of other animals: "Many of us actually dislike milk and apples.

    • Word count: 1601
  17. Does "Animal Farm" fit the definition of a fable?

    take control of Animal Farm, they create havoc and all animals are soon back to their old ways and conditions of starvation, overwork and intimidation. The animals have not succeeded in their desire to be equal. This is shown when Benjamin reads out on a wall, "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others". This story fulfils many of the characteristics of a fable. The characters do show many human strong points and also display human weaknesses and faults such as greed, pride and vanity.

    • Word count: 724
  18. Critical Evaluation Animal Farm

    "Animalism" is made up of seven rules - the most important of which is "All animals are equal". The animals manage to overthrow Mr Jones - the owner of the farm and began to live according to the rules of "Animalism". At first all the animals were overjoyed with their new regime but soon the pigs become power-hungry and begin to take more control of the other animals, contradicting the most important rule of the movement. As the book progresses one pig named Napoleon gains complete control of the farm and the farm becomes a dictatorship.

    • Word count: 1425
  19. techniques of authority

    So food mainly depended on their work, and of course, the harder they worked the "more" I gave them. Also, thanks to the food supply the defenseless comrades were made to work on Sundays as well. If they even dared to refuse this, they would have half the amount of food they would usually have, and of course, no one will dare to say no. Being Friendly/ sociable with your enemies One of the main tactics of my plan was to have all the comrades by your side or at least not against me. To do this, I had to have another two faces, my usual evil one and my drama innocent kind little pig.

    • Word count: 656
  20. Animal farm

    Napoleon also showed his corruptness by going against the commandment that "all animals are equal" and one of the reasons for the men's rebelling that they're eggs were being sold to the outside world for the money for supplies that only the pigs would have the benefit of. Napoleon and his rival pig Snowball had fallen out over plans to build a windmill which was to supply the farm with electricity. Napoleon was jealous of how smart Snowball was and the respect the other animals had for him.

    • Word count: 837
  21. Compare and contrast Napoleon and Snowball. What methods do they use in their struggle for power?

    Major is likened to Lenin the Bolshevik leader or possibly Karl Marx whose political philosophy they followed. When Major dies three days later, the two young pigs, Napoleon and Snowball assume control and set out to turn Majors dream into reality. The animals revolt and drive the farms owner Mr. Jones away, renaming it 'Animal Farm'. Snowballs character is synonymous with Leon Trotsky; he is intelligent, hardworking and an eloquent orator who seeks to work within the political system to achieve old Major's goals.

    • Word count: 1634
  22. Animal Farm

    Old Major's speech is the main source that leads the other animals on the farm to rebel for freedom. His speech is very persuasive. 'Is it not crystal clear, then, comrades, that all the evils of this life of ours spring from the tyranny of human begins? ... Almost overnight we could become rich and free.' In this quote, the word 'comrade' is used to show that all the animals are his friends and it's linked to unity. The last sentence is more persuasive because he says 'rich' and 'free' which shows what the animals want.

    • Word count: 2101
  23. Animal Farm Media Coursework

    The farm is shown as a dark and unhappy place. I think the flashback works well for people who haven't read the book before, and don't know the story. The animation uses happy, cheerful music to portray the farm and pans around the farm showing each animal. As the camera becomes closer to the farmhouse, the lighting becomes darker and the colours a lot more bold and dark. The music becomes a lot more sinister and chilling. For people who have read the book, this will be easier to understand as they know what type of person Mr.

    • Word count: 3297
  24. Animal Farm

    Snowball actively works to change Animal Farm and although not all of his ideas work very efficiently. He was always concerned to improve the animal farm such as building of windmill. Snowball repaints the sign reading "Manor Farm" to say "Animal Farm," and he is the one who introduce the seven commandments to the animals. He was also contributed in the battle of cowshed. The battle represent as the civil war. During the battle of cowshed, he risks his own life for the security of the animals and injured by a shotgun. In the end napoleon uses his trained dog to banish snowball as Joseph Stalin uses his secret police to banish Leon Trotsky.

    • Word count: 784
  25. Animal Cruelty Charity appeal

    With your contributions it could help to stop these terrible crimes. Wicked behaviour must not be disregarded! All cases of cruelty to animals are shocking, but the news that a 6-month-old golden Labrador retriever called Hubby had been brutalized and left to suffer is just disturbing. The dog was discovered with its eyes sealed shut with glue. Its mouth, throat and ears were glued. The puppy's hind legs were broken in several places. It is also suspected that the puppy had been starved.

    • Word count: 447

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