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Crooks essay

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Crook's is the only black character in the novel discuss his significance. The author John Steinbeck is an artistic Writer. His greatest achievement of being an author was the compelling story Of Mice And Men. This is an immense story based on two American ranch workers dream to own a house in the 1930's. The novel was set in Soledad in southern California. In several of his fiction works, including Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck illustrates how grueling, challenging, and often unrewarding the life of migrant farmers could be. Just as George and Lennie dream of a better life on their own farm, the Great Plains farmers dreamed of finding a better life in California. Steinbeck himself was born there in 1902, and went on to experience the Great Depression in the heart of the land that so many left their homes to find. This time in America's history was marked by bread lines, soup kitchens, unemployment, and the daily hope for a low paying job that would last longer than a few days. Historically, this was a dream of many people in California during the Great Depression, most of whom never saw it come to pass. The story shows the harsh and cruel circumstances of the many who were so poor but balances the desperation with the hope and desire for triumph. The novel is about two inerrant workers, called Lennie and George. They work on a ranch with other workers. The main theme in this novel is "The Dream" Historically, this was what many people in California strived to achieve during these hard times; to one a piece of land, most of whom never saw it come to pass. ...read more.


He lets his defensive barrier down to Lennie "His tone was a little more friendly" Crooks can't help but respond to Lennie; conversation is what he craves for. Crooks has got a indulgant heart, he just chooses to hide it through anger and displeasure considering that's the only way he knows how to express his feelings. He would not naturally be distant towards people if he were not racially segregated from others. We therefore see that being around someone for once has brought out his true personality. Crook's is envious of Lennie's relationship with George. George takes care of Lennie and they have a companionship. Deep within him he wants the warmth of togetherness in his life, relising lennie has this creates a burning streak of jealousy inside him. He uses Lennie's lack of knowledge to his advantage by taunting Lennie about George leaving him. "'S' pose George don't come back no more" His misery and envy brings out his cruelty. He is trying to inflict his personal pain of being a lonely black man onto Lennie. Crooks then reveals his own need "Maybe you can see now. You got George... 'S' pose you didn't have nobody...I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an' he gets sick." This illustrates that Crooks pities his own circumstances and vulnerability. "I didn't mean to scare you" shows that Crooks did not deliberately picked on Lennie he just wanted him to know how it felt to be alone all the time. He expresses this through his bitterness. He realizes himself that bullying Lennie will not change his belonging in society he will still remain unimportant. ...read more.


outcast of the book, he in no doubt brings them all as one; equal as the strive to achieve the same hopeless goal. Subsequently, Chapter 4 opens with Crook's being a "proud and aloof man" to having racial superior over Lennie to finally having nothing. His dream of living with the other men is shattered by Curlys Wife putting him in his place. I think Steinbeck feels compassion for Crook's being the only black character on the ranch. Even though he is bitter and cruel Steinbeck is aware he has been racially picked on which caused his behaviour. Even though Crooks is not made relevant throughout the book he holds a special significance in the book. He is a victim of an individual type of loneliness. Crook's does not ask to be isolated from everyone. He was unfortunately caught up in the racial war. Therefore Crook's is a vital character in Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck not only illustrates him as a representation of division of colour in this time period but also shows that through Crooks other outcasts in the book have been discovered to want and need the same things that people just like Crooks deserve. He has had a cruel life and been very badly treated, which had caused him to become so bitter. Steinbeck made him into this character to show how people like crooks must have felt in this period of r****m. Being treated different from everyone else and not having the same rights as fellow human beings, this would have made them really frustrated. Steinbeck gave an insight on injustice by inventing Crooks. Which overall made him so significant. ...read more.

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