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GCSE: JRR Tolkien

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Comparing the similarity in themes in Alex Garland's 'The Beach' and William Golding's 'Lord of the Flies'.

    4 star(s)

    Seeing my two travelling companions on such friendly terms with the other swimmers felt strange. They were all laughing and calling each other by name. It made me realise how much I'd been left out by sleeping through the first night and day in the camp. The Beach This is the first sign of isolation in The Beach and from here, the portrayal of Richard becomes increasingly isolated as the plot progresses. Similarly in Lord of the Flies, Simon begins as a respected member of the community and is selected by Ralph, the leader, to accompany him exploring.

    • Word count: 1869
  2. Lord of the Rings book report. Plot outline and themes.

    Later as they travel through the barrow-downs and Tom has to save them again, this time from the barrow-wights. Without further delays they go on to Bree. In Bree they go to the inn "the prancing pony" where they meet Strider, a ranger who convinces them to take him along on their journey. Together they leave for Rivendel. And after a close escape from the Black riders, from which Frodo got saved by Elrond and Gandalf, they reach rivendel. Second book In Rivendel a council is called upon by Elrond to discuss who will take on the quest and who will join him.

    • Word count: 3570
  3. The Hobbit

    He set Wargs afire while he was trapped in a tree and created a bolt of lightening to kill many of the Goblins who had surrounded the group in a cave. The magical ring, which was a key to helping the groups succeed in the book, allowed he who was wearing it to become invisible to others. Also, there was a black stream in Mirkwood that made he who drank out of it suddenly very drowsy and forgetful of previous events.

    • Word count: 808
  4. Lord of the Rings

    The final part is the battle for Middle Earth and the film in which the ring is destroyed. This causes the end of Sauron and evil has been overcome. As the ring is destroyed the other less powerful rings are also destroyed. Sauron dies because Sauron lives off the ring as though it contains his soul. The Ringwraiths play such a big role in the film because they are the nine kings of men, who are hunting for the ring. The power draws them to it. The Ringwraiths used to be the nine kings of men, normal people, until Sauron gave them all rings of power, which corrupted them and made them evil.

    • Word count: 964
  5. Book report on The Lord of the Rings, part oneThe Fellowship of the Ring.

    In the Land of Mordor, and the fires of Moundo. The Dark Lord, Sauron forged secretly a master ring to control all others. And in this ring, 'The Ring of Power', Sauron poured all his wicked, cruel and his will to dominate all life in the Middle-earth. One ring to rule them all. One by one, free lands of the earth felt the power of 'The Ring of power'. But there were some, who resisted. A Last Alliance of men, elves and dwarfs marched the army of Mordor and on the root of Mordor.

    • Word count: 636
  6. The Hobbit

    They are attacked by wolves and are rescued always in the last second. Bilbo is mostly the hero and knows in every situation to help. He uses the ring as a tool to escape from dangers and so he could bring the whole troop to the mountain they once owned. The problem was that in this region there lives a dragon called "Smaug". Eventually, they all together reache to kill the dragon and get the dwarves' treasures back. Bilbo Beutlin returns back to "Auenland" and continuous his normal Hobbit life.

    • Word count: 898
  7. The Hobbit

    The adventurous group of now fifteen set off to find trolls, orcs, goblins, wargs (evil talking wolves), aggressive elves, giant spiders, dragons and numberless natural disasters including wind, snow, rain and scorching heat, None of these obstacles came to be the one most powerful and dangerous enemy to Bilbo and the others, though. This ever powerful enemy was the greed and l**t for the horde of gold and silver and precious jewels that lured the dwarves to pursue it no matter what the cost.

    • Word count: 2048
  8. Comparing and contrasting the novelsThe Hobbit and The Sword of Shannaraas the reveal the conventions of amiddle-earth fantasy novel

    He reacts bravely when captured by Skull creatures and saves his Troll friends using: "the stones". (Brooks 359) The magical stones have helped him more then once on his mission, but it was his strength and courage that triumphs. He learns the responsibility of manhood by conquering his fears and becoming a hero. Because he has failed to know himself, Shea failed to recognize the Sword of Shannara when it was in his grasp. After the Gnome absconds with the sword, Shea learns his responsibility and trusts his fate. When he enters Borona's, he is ready to draw the sword and face the Warlock Lord. However, the nature of the sword's magic prves to be unexpected.

    • Word count: 1381
  9. In this coursework, I will be comparing two different film trailers, "Lord of the rings _ the return of the king" and the "Gladiator".

    The close-up of two characters are followed, Orlando Bloom and Viggo Uortense. Orlando Bloom who speaks the first dialect states, 'The eye of the enemy is moving'. It builds up the excitement and suspense. It also indicates that the enemy is not human being but something supernatural, like a wizard. The following clipping flash instantly so that the viewers attention is not on the previous clipping, and it builds up the excitement and tension as the viewers can't concentrate on one scene. A little way further in the trailer, Orlando Bloom, who is in the exact scene as before says to his comrade that, 'He is here' This means that the enemy has finally arrived.

    • Word count: 1997
  10. The film LOTR has multiple genres. It covers the genre of action, adventure and fantasy. The battles and wide landscape cover the action,

    Gandolf the grey is a kind wizard and close friend of Frodo. Gandolf investigates the ring and finds out that it is the same ring that Sauron created. To summarise the rest of the story, Frodo and Sam-wise take the ring on a long journey to destroy it at MT.Doom in Mordor, but there travels will not be that easy. The evil army of Saroun has regrouped and is trying to get back the ring to Lord Sauron. The film LOTR has multiple genres.

    • Word count: 1675
  11. Fantasy films often take us in to a different world and away from the imperfections of our normal life

    One of the settings in Lord of the Rings is Lothlorien, it contains many huge elaborate buildings, and beautiful gardens; the weather here is never bad and the atmosphere is always bright and cheerful. This setting will help emphasise what is happening in it, often in a place that is light and peaceful scenes with happy moments will be portrayed here, rather than dark upsetting scenes such as battles. These surroundings help engage the audience as what they're seeing is incredible and wouldn't be something they'd see in real life, it will interest them to see something they haven't seen before.

    • Word count: 2771
  12. 'An Ideal Husband', Oscar Wilde - Lord Goring and Lady Chiltern

    Lady Markby "....By since Sir John has taken to attending the debates regularly, which he never used to do in the old days, his language has become quite impossible...I left the table as soon as I had my second cup of tea, I need hardly say. But his violent language could be heard all over the house! I trust, Gertrude, that Sir Robert is not like that?" Unlike these men, with mainly political issues in their minds, Lord Goring takes no part in it, and is called by his father to lead 'an idle life'.

    • Word count: 1167
  13. Lord of the rings: The fellowship of the ring

    Jackson has won plenty of Oscars and golden globe awards but the won he cherishes most is best picture and best director. This is because of the time and effort he has put in. A specter of evil is looming over Middle Earth as the Dark Lord, Sauron, seeks to consolidate his already immense power, by reclaiming the One Ring that he has lost. Most of his power is held in this ring. With this power, he can enslave Middle Earth and unleash an incredible evil with little opposition.

    • Word count: 2643
  14. How do the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to reverse this tradition, to reveal the ogre as good, and the Prince as evil?

    The character Shrek then comes into full view, and rap music starts blaring away. By now it is apparent that Shrek was narrating the introduction to Princess Fiona. The rap music, along with Shrek's actions, suggests to the viewers that this is not going to be like an ordinary fairy tale. The viewers are surprised by this introduction to the film, because the narration is equal to other conventional fairy tales, but is then interrupted by a big, grotesque, green hand ripping at the pages of the storybook so the creature can use it as toilet paper.

    • Word count: 2997
  15. In this essay I will analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad and tell you about how the filmmakers use different presentational devices to create an unusual fairy tale.

    Then you see Shreks home and see him cleaning his teeth, wash and get clothed, which suggest that Shrek is not a normal ogre. This surprises the viewers because it suggests that the ogre's character has been switched to be the good guy not the evil one. The type of opening suggests that the ogre has a sense of humour and likes to help people. When the story book characters arrive Shrek tells then what ogres can do to people and then a man wave's fire at Shrek but he puts it out like a match.

    • Word count: 2141
  16. How do the makers of Shrek use presentational devices to reverse this tradition, to reveal the ogre as good, and the Prince as evil?

    But just as we think the story is about to start Shrek slams the book, which the story is read out of shut and says "as if that's ever going to happen" which surprises the audience. Modern music then begins to play and the camera zooms out and shows everyone Shrek, then people begin to realise that this is not going to be an ordinary fairy tale. Because of this sudden unpredictable change, viewers are surprised as everyone thought it was going to be traditional.

    • Word count: 1559
  17. A Comparison of the techniques used in the opening sequence of two films - the Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers and Just Married.

    The first movement the camera makes is a crane shot looking from above down onto the mountains, showing the beauty of the mountains but also prepares the viewer for the unforgiving territory which the harsh action will take place in. The next shot is a panning shot of the mountains where the camera moves backwards and forward. This shows the great might of the mountains where they grow in power and intensity. There is a contrast of light from the sun and the bright blue sky to the shadows over the mountains.

    • Word count: 1984
  18. How do the makers of 'the Lord of the Rings' use presentational devices to create a contrast between good and evil?

    This helps to add the evil effect and to emphasise that the place is quicker in movement and it is no longer calm and peaceful. This happens very early on too. It happens when we first see the evil tower. The filmmaker also uses many 'low angle' camera views. These angles are used to show a character or building seem more threatening, larger, imposing and/or powerful. This is shown as soon as the evil comes into the picture when the tower/castle is shown.

    • Word count: 1464
  19. 1954: The birth of a Blockbuster Epic

    Factors such as history, finances, exposure, and negative aspects have all been crucial elements that participated in the molding of Time Warner's decision on whether or not to adapt this novel. Clearly, any individual would state that Time Warner made the appropriate conclusion based on its success, but there were both advantages and disadvantages that partook in the decision-making. "One estimate claims that thirty percent of the movies today derive from novels, and eighty percent of the books classified as best sellers have been adapted to cinema" (Corrigan 2).

    • Word count: 2568
  20. What factors define a person's identity in The Hobbit? Do individuals have any power over whom they become, or are their characters entirely determined by static factors such as family and race?

    The three main characters, as you may have probably already guessed, are Bilbo, Gandalf, and Thorin. These are the most important characters, with the most different attributes one can possibly imagine. Bilbo, being the 'hero' of the story, is the definite protagonist, while Thorin, one would perhaps say, is the antagonist. Gandalf is a character that is basically a 'good guy', but doesn't show up as often as the others. One of the reasons for the choice of these specific characters was because of their extremes in persona. The following content will analyse these three individuals: Their identity, and their power.

    • Word count: 2345
  21. Analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad, and write about how filmmakers use different presentational devices to create an unusual fairytale.

    The film opens with a modern song, with Shrek criticizing and having a laugh at the expense of normal fairytales, and then carries on with the fun by Shrek wiping his backside with an average fairytale story. The viewers are shocked by the use of this in a children's movie, an opening like this suggests that this is a modern children's movie, and creates an image of maturity for children. Shrek threatens to grind the bones of the villagers and also shave they're livers.

    • Word count: 1460
  22. How do the makers of 'shrek' use presentational devices to reverse this tradition to reveal the ogre as good and the prince as evil?

    When the farmers go to his swamp and the meet shrek. When shrek is shouting at them the low angle camera shot makes shrek look intimidating to the crowd and audience. Also the volume is raised. This makes shrek look really big but this is before we get to know shrek, he has good qualities, he is a good character and he does things, which we admire. The filmmakers have made shrek for both kids and adults like when donkey tells jokes that kids not might understand. If kids were watching it then they would think the scene in the chamber they might get a bit scared but then the film eases the tension by adding jazzy music and colours.

    • Word count: 692
  23. "The Amber Spyglass" by Philip Pullman - review

    He eventually left teaching in order to write full-time. "The Amber Spyglass" brings the conspiracy of "The Golden Compass" and "The Subtle Knife" to a heart stopping close, marking the third and final volume as the most powerful of the trilogy. Along with the return of Lyra, Will, Mrs. Coulter, Lord Asriel, Dr. Mary Malone, and Iorek Byrnison the armored bear. In "The Amber Spyglass" we are introduced to a host of new characters: the Mulefa, mysterious wheeled creatures with the power to see Dust; Gallivespian Lord Roke, a hand-high spy-master to Lord Asriel; and Metatron, a fierce and mighty angel.

    • Word count: 1045
  24. Literary criticism of the literacy elements in "the Hobbit" by J.R.R Tolkien

    Its characterization helps them relate to the fifty year old hobbit. The moral is also at two different levels. For adults, it would be the destruction of greed as well as the complications of rights. Tolkien gives this message through Thorin who is on his death bed," If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. But sad or merry, I must leave it now. Farewell" (273)! At a child's level, it would simply be you shouldn't fight over who owns what (Kocher 48). The Hobbit definitely contains messages to two very different audiences.

    • Word count: 1460
  25. After completing Lord of the Rings, The TwoTowers , I have decided to write a character study on Gollum.

    He thinks Frodo stole the ring from him, and shows his resentment of him when speaking to himself: "Where iss it, where iss it: my Precious, my Precious? It's ours, it is, and we wants it. The thieves, the thieves, the filthy little thieves. Where are they with my Precious? Curse them! We hates them." The author, JRR Tolkien, created a particularly vivid representation of Gollum in several ways. The author uses "we" in Gollum's dialogue to show he is not one character but in effect two (smeagol, his good side and his evil alter ego).

    • Word count: 592

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  • In this essay I am going to analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad and write about how the film makers use different interpretations making Shrek as good and the Prince as evil to create an unusual fairytale.

    "After analysing the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad, I have come to the conclusion that although Shrek seems like a traditional ogre he is not. Shrek has the Donkey and other friends, he rescues Princess Fiona, which is really a knights job and finds true love by marrying Princess Fiona. Although Lord Farquaad looks like a lord, his actions suggest that he is evil. He tortured the gingerbread man, he stole Shreks swamp, he made the knights fight Shrek, rejected the princess when he found out after sunset she becomes an ogre but he still wanted to become king. He is an extremely lazy and selfish person. The story of Shrek uses presentational devices to reverse our expectations this makes a good film not just because of the devices that the film makers use to influence the viewers. The viewer feels that Shrek is a far nicer character than Lord Farquaad even though by glance does not look like he is. Lord Farquaad looks important but is a bitter, twisted evil person."

  • In this essay, I am going to analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad, and write about how film makers use different presentational devices to create an unusual fairytale.

    "After analyzing the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad, I have come to the conclusion that although Shrek seems like a traditional orge he isn't because Shrek has friends like Donkey, normal orge's would probably have eaten the Princess not rescued her, Shrek also falls in love with the Princess and Shrek and Princess Fiona get married. Although Lord Farquaad looks like a Lord, his actions suggest that he is evil. Examples of Lord Farquaad's evil side is when he tortures the gingerbread man, when he dumps all the fairytale creatures in Shrek's swamp, he gets the knights to try and beat up Shrek and when he sees what Princess Fiona looks like when the sun goes down he says 'Get that out of my sight' and because he wants to become king so bad he says the marriage is legal. The story of Shrek uses presentational devices to reverse our expectations, so that by the end of the film the viewers know that 'Shrek' is a modern fairytale, because the characters of Lord Farquaad and Shrek have been switched. What I learnt from this story is that the times are changing and that fairytales are becoming modern and all the characters are switched or the story plots change."

  • Shrek - In this essay, I am going to analyse the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad, and write about how filmmakers use different presentational devices to create an unusual fairy tale.

    "After analysing the characters of Shrek and Lord Farquaad, I have come to the conclusion that although Shrek seems like a traditional ogre he is really a kind, loving soul who has good friends, rescues the Princess without causing much harm to anyone and finds love and gets married. Although Lord Farquaad looks like a Lord, his actions suggest that he is evil. He steals Shrek's swamp and makes him rescue Princess Fiona to get it back, he tortures the Gingerbread Man, rejects the Princess when he finds out he secret and falsely claims kingship. The story of Shrek uses presentational devices to reverse our expectations, so that by the end of the film the viewers know that Shrek is the good guy and Lord Farquaad is the evil guy. Perhaps the message of the story is that you can't judge a book by the cover."

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