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GCSE: Mildred Taylor

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  1. How important is the setting and historical background of the novel "roll of thunder, Hear my Cry?

    r****m was always stronger in the Southern States than the Northern ones. Even though it had been around seventy years since the Emancipation Proclamation had been declared, many whites did not see blacks as equal to them, even though they had never been slave owners themselves. In the novel, the books that the children receive from the county are in very poor condition. They have only been given to the black children once that are in too bad a condition to be given the white children.

    • Word count: 863
  2. Character Sketch - TJ, from the Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

    Granger just because she failed him for cheating in the examination. He, as a true hypocrite, keeps using friendship as his excuse, saying, "Friends gotta trust each other, Stacey, 'cause ain't nothin' like a true friend.", when he knows nothing of what a true friend is. True to his malevolent nature, he uses his brother as a scapegoat, making Claude get admonished for all his nefarious activities, which include drinking and dancing at the Wallace's. This nature of betraying his black friends probably stems from his egotistical, wannabe white personality.

    • Word count: 903
  3. Theme of Land - Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry

    In a society where the reminiscence of slavery is still strong, land is a symbol of independence and self-sufficiency. Throughout the book, they repeat the same refrain, "We won't lose the land". Even though they didn't have enough money to pay taxes, mortgage, and live on too, they strived to make ends meet for the sake of their land. David Logan went away from home, to set tracks in Louisiana. Mary Logan taught in school. All the children, Big Ma, and Mama worked very hard picking cotton, despite their odd ages.

    • Word count: 769
  4. Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

    He thinks cheating on tests is fine and later he lies to Stacey to get Stacey's new coat from him, but at the end of the story the older Simms brothers use him how he used his friends. A good example of a black character that is good would be Mr. Morrison, He comes to the Logan's because he lost his job and papa wanted a strong man to protect his family while he was working on the tracks. Early on in the story he broke up a fight with T.J and Stacey and does not discipline Stacey's actions beyond

    • Word count: 857
  5. r****m in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - Analysis

    Also, the whites are inconsiderate, intentionally splashing mud on the blacks' clothes. The Berry's burnings is a significant incident revealing the cruel manner the white community behave towards the African Americans, burning them taking "a match to them," without any justifiable reason, portraying the discrimination between the people. At school, an important instance of r****m takes place, when the students of the black school, The Great Faith Elementary School, received "new" books. These books were in the poorest condition, as they were the left-overs of the whites.

    • Word count: 824
  6. Roll of thunder hear my cry? What does the novel gain by the use of Cassie as the narrator?

    For example, if she was an adult most people wouldn't explain things to her and the readers wouldn't get to know important things like 'why the land was so important' and we learn in chapter one she 'may not understand that now', but 'Papa said that one day I would understand....I wondered'. An example of Cassie's naivety and ignorance is the Strawberry incident when she doesn't realise that the whites have to be served before the blacks and assumes that 'Mr Barnett has simply forgotten about TJ's order' so she decides to 'remind him'.

    • Word count: 824
  7. What is the importance of family in Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry?

    In school Mama covers the school books because Cassie and Little Man do not want to accept them as they are hand downs from the White children.Mama "trimmed the paper to the size of the books and was now digging a gray looking glue from the brown bottle onto the inside cover of one of those books."Mama covers up the front page so that the children do not have to see who the books have been handed from and in what race they were from.

    • Word count: 798
  8. How does Mildred D. Taylor present the complexities of the south through the eyes of two contrasting characters?

    The reason for my choice is that I feel they are characters that in some way stand out when looking at their experiences and actions in regards to the question. They are two very diverse characters particularly physically Mr Morrison was a "human tree in height, the long trunk of his massive body, his skin the deepest of ebony" relating to where he came from which was two "strong like bulls" parents which suggested that he had a family heritage of stud farms.

    • Word count: 683
  9. Who Am I?

    Tim who at the time was ranked fifth in the world was up against Samual Taylor a young up and coming, promising fellow Englishman who was set to play his first ever professional tennis game. The game had been predicted to be a walkover and all the odds were against Samual Taylor but there were some doubters of our ability. It was a greatly important match and Tim and me were extremely confident that we would and should win conformably.

    • Word count: 698
  10. Symbols in 'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry'.

    This symbol is used in the Novel to reflect on T.J's greed and how it gets him into trouble. In this instance he doesn't get the gun and it leads him into trouble and it leads other people into trouble. He also gets other people into trouble by the way he phrases things, he uses words to try and get people thinking different things so he can benefit from it. The land represents lots of different things to different things to different people. To the Logans the land means everything if the land is lost then whole family will collapse.

    • Word count: 810
  11. Comparing "A Sound Of Thunder" and "The Monkeys Paw".

    It is set in an isolated position and the weather is bad, giving a tense and isolated feeling. The first contrast which can be seen is at the beginning of each story. The beginning of "The Monkeys Paw" uses very descriptive language such as Without, the night was cold and wet, the blinds were drawn and the fire burned brightly This is the opening line to A Monkeys Paw whereas the opening paragraph in "A Sound Of Thunder" uses no description, and talks about the sign on the wall, Time Safari Inc Safaris to any year in the past You name the animal, we take you there You shoot it This is a large contrast between the two

    • Word count: 869
  12. Show how Don Taylor uses historical material about the political situation, the plague, and the village of Eyam and shapes it to suit his own artistic purposes in the Roses of Eyam.

    The plague finished in London when the great fire started. However Don Taylor wrote the play in 1976. He created it from an idea derived from a book called "Fifty World Famous Heroic Deeds" The aim of this book was to inspire people to perform heroic deeds and be brave. The people of Eyam where brave as they cut themselves off from the world to face almost certain death. They did this to prevent the plagues spreading. Don Taylor wanted to use the play as a visual aid to show how the people of Eyam suffered. The book is a fictional book with a number of facts.

    • Word count: 671
  13. How useful are sources A and I in helping you understand the success of the D-Day landings?

    The date was also a problem. The D-day landings had not actually finished yet. At that time, not all of the landings had actually happened. This meant that Churchill's judgement on how D-day was going was affected. The truth of the matter was that the US had landed in the wrong place and completely missed Omaha beach. There was lots of other fault as well, including the very strong n**i resistance and the problems with the very treacherous weather.

    • Word count: 483
  14. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

    Uncle Hammer lives in Chicago where apparently black men live on equal terms with whites. Therefore Uncle Hammer finds the atmosphere in Mississippi deeply oppressive. As you know Uncle Hammer has a hasty temper and is a dangerous visitor at times of racial tension. 'I'd be hanging from the oak tree over yonder!' This shows that Uncle Hammer believes that if he had treated Lillian Jean the way Mr. Simms treated Cassie he would be hanged, just because the colour of his skin.

    • Word count: 601
  15. Ladies and gentlemen of the court, I have been charged with investigating, and bringing to the attention of the court the entire background and character of T.J. Avery from an impartial point of view. These are my findings.

    T.J.'s mother questioned him about it she just said that he had gone up there to get Claude, who he said was sneaking up there to get free candy, Claude was beaten, he didn't tell his mother that it wasn't him. He shows these attributes again at the end of the school term, during exam time, T.J. had written some cheat notes, and when the teacher who happened to be Misses Logan, he gave them to Stacey Logan who is his friend, but before Stacey could hand them back, his mother saw that and interrogated him about it and then proceeded to punish him in front of the entire class.

    • Word count: 763
  16. Roll of thunder, hear my cry

    This was a time and place when thousands of families like Cassie were poor and considered the' lower, working-class'. As you go through the book, you find that Cassie discusses and questions certain issues; for example r****m and growing-up. Generally people think that informal slang speech is wrong, but it is just an alternative version to the English language. The way a person speaks is often a way of revealing how educated a person may be. The general dialect spoken within a community is a part a community's identity, for example; the "cockney" language represents the people of southeast England.

    • Word count: 596
  17. Roll of Tunder Hear My Cry

    The black children at school generally did not get new materials and were usually old, rugged, ripped, and dirty. The whites at Jefferson Davis school normally got two buses to ride and to come back from school, while all the black kids at Great Faith had to walk to their school, and also walk back to home. The books the black kids got at school only had pictures of white children and people, and did not teach about any black history and slavery at all so teachers were not allowed to teach any of it.

    • Word count: 667
  18. Educational Memories

    In science we made a mess of all the experiments. I broke three beakers and two test tubes, once I squirted hydrochloric acid at the black board the mark is still there. My music teacher liked me because I was good at the essays and minor music tests. I scored a high mark in the music exam but I was awful at playing music. I blew up the keyboard adapter. We would throw water balloons at everyone in the winter and set of bangers at bonfire week. In food technology the teacher hated are cooking we never cleaned up after we had finished.

    • Word count: 834
  19. How does the author create a sense of fear and threat at the end of chapter 3?

    Her brothers wouldn't be out of their beds outside in the dark at night time. 'Stacey', I whispered. 'Christopher-John?'. Cassie is not talking when she says this but is whispering because she is very cautious of who is there and who is making the noise. When a sudden movement is seen near the end of the porch Cassie heads toward it. This shows she is very brave and not scared to walk up there to see who it is. Fear is building up here because the author is keeping you in suspense so you have to wait a while to find out who is there.

    • Word count: 910
  20. Discuss the role played by Mr. Morrison in ‘Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry’

    Morrison: "The man was a human tree in height, towering high above papa's six feet two inches. The long trunk of his massive body bulged with muscles..." The living strength and permanence of trees are a symbol of the strength which the black community draws from its history, tradition and inheritance, and the 'roots' which have been put down in their land. Thus, the description of Mr. Morrison is in keeping with such imagery. The timing of Mr. Morrison's arrival assists Mildred Taylor in developing tension and suspense.

    • Word count: 596

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