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GCSE: Mildred Taylor

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  1. Roll of Thunder

    In the end, the Southern states submitted to the Northern General Ulysses Grant. A Period of Reconstruction was introduced and was imposed by the Northern states to the Southern states. The conclusion of this action was that slavery was abolished and more than four million blacks were given freedom. The new found freedom given to the blacks enraged the whites who always thought them to be inferior. The Southerners greatly resented the freedom given to the blacks and despised them even more. The outcome of this resentment was the formation of the Ku Klux Klan.

    • Word count: 5495
  2. Mildred D. Taylor is very successful in conveying the reality of what it was like to be black in the 1930's in the Mississippi region of the Southern States of America. In reading this book we see racial issues through a child's eyes, Cassie Logan

    They travel around murdering innocent black people. The incident of the Berry's burning convincingly demonstrates the pressure, fear, and terror that the Logan family and other black people continuously faced at that time in history. The Logan parents and Big Ma are especially under pressure to try and protect the children from not only physical threats but also psychological abuse from some white people, and teach them to survive in such a hostile environment and still retain their self-esteem. The insult "n****r, n****r, mud eater" hurled at the black children by their white contemporaries riding on the bus to school, exemplifies the dreadful verbal abuse suffered by black children.

    • Word count: 3504
  3. What aspects of r****m are presented by Mildred Taylor in the book 'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry'?

    It is thought to be an equal amount that died before they could be exported. The crossing between Africa and the Americas was called the Middle Passage. Conditions on the Middle Passage were so cruel that some slaves committed suicide to escape the misery. In a few cases the slaves mutinied, they took the ship and made an escape. The conditions of the people under slavery also were very bad. At the beginning of European settlements, African slaves and European indentured servants worked together. Over the years, the number of indentured servants declined. The number of imported African slaves grew quickly and their lives got worse.

    • Word count: 6559
  4. How does Mildred Taylor effectively portray prejudice during the 1930's Mississippi in her novel, ' Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry…..?'

    It allows the reader to engage in the novel by seeing how a child explores the prejudice in Mississippi. Taylor gradually builds up tension in the novel by showing the reader certain details of a family's status and then shows how they may be exploited due to the way they are seen in society. We are shown this when Cassie asks Papa why he had to go to work and why the land was of such significance. Papa's response was reassuring, as he told Cassie that she may not find it easy to comprehend at that moment, but as time passes she would become aware of Papa's need to travel to work and what significance the land was to the Logans, as we see she later does.

    • Word count: 5287
  5. A Sound of Thunder is from the science fiction, short story genre written after the Second World War.

    After waiting tensely with a "Sound of Thunder" the dinosaur arrives. With tension mounting with the beast coming near, fear grips Eccles and the macho image earlier displayed disappears. Eccles panics and runs in the wrong direction away from the dinosaur and falls off the path on to the jungle floor. After killing the dinosaur Travis and the reader realise the implications of Eccles' action. Refusing to take Eccles back to the year 2055 with the rest of the hunters. Travis demands him to retrieve the bullets that had been used to kill it, from the dinosaur in order to come back with them.

    • Word count: 3385
  6. Compare aspects of prejudice in "Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry", by Mildred Taylor, and, "The Son's Veto", by Thomas Hardy.

    Now, because of the social status of the vicar, she could not refuse, but this would be social suicide for the vicar. The story shows the prejudice that Sophy has to suffer, and how even those very close to you, can prejudge. In the very beginning of "Roll Of Thunder", the Logan children have a long walk to school, as they are walking along the dirty, dusty road, a school bus from the Jefferson Davis School, a white school comes speeding towards the children.

    • Word count: 3179
  7. The Chrysalids

    Wender's reaction to Sophie's feet being found out, she makes David promise to not tell anyone about Sophie's feet, but what is more important is that she unwittingly projects her fear, her sheer terror of her daughter's feet being found out by Joseph Strom's son through her weak ESP to David, who picks it up and is disturbed by the disproportionate amount of anxiety for one small toe, and it is only in hind-sight that he puts that day as the day his doubts starts, "It is in hind-sight that enables me to fix that as the day when my first small doubts started to germinate."

    • Word count: 3629
  8. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry - Character of T.J. Examine the way Mildred D. Taylor presents the character of T.J. In your answer give your own views of T.J..

    A type of control which is obvious in Cassie's home. Great Faith Elementary School and Secondary School was one of the biggest black schools in the county, consisting of 320 students, seven teachers and a principal. Most of the family's children that worked on Granger land attended Great Faith. T.J. was no acceptation. He was in the same class as Stacey and Mrs. Logan was their teacher. T.J. was made to repeat the class again because he had failed his final exams the year before.

    • Word count: 6077
  9. Examine the writes' presentation of r****m and their narrators' courage in the face of adversity in 'Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and 'To Kill a Mockingbird'

    Racial prejudice is arguably the most prominent theme of both novels. In "To Kill a Mockingbird", several examples of this are demonstrated. Aunt Alexandra and Atticus argue over Calpurnia's position in the Finch home, and to some extent, it is suggested that Alexandra feels threatened and jealous of Cal, because she has more power over the children and is closer to the family than Alexandra herself. However, there is also an implication that Aunt Alexandra is r****t towards Cal, a black, when she says: "...we don't need her now" She feels that their reputation will be affected if they associate with her, thus advising Atticus to let her go.

    • Word count: 3179

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