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  1. Wonderland Vs Neverland

    Quite a bit more grown up than the other kids in the 19th century, Alice believes herself to be an adult, acting far beyond her age, and facing challenges with a far more mature attitude. Although confused and a little frazzled when falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, she immediately sets herself goals and explores, pushing herself on with an air of experience. When faced with the bottle that says "DRINK ME", she shows herself knowledgeable, letting readers know she's heard all about different kinds of poison, and knows that "if you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later" (Carroll 8).

    • Word count: 2800
  2. How are traditional American values portrayed in this post-apocalyptic world of Cormac McCarthys The Road?

    The third type of journey that I associate with the phrase 'The Road' is the concept of being on an open road, simply going with no particular interest in where you may arrive, simply the journey itself has its importance. This may simply be on a whim or yearning for open road or maybe because of a need to travel, to not stop and just keep going and perhaps to get away from something, an example of this is the film 'Thelma and Louise'.

    • Word count: 2127
  3. While Stevensons Jekyll and Hyde is a reflection of the times in which it is set in, it also has considerable relevance for the modern reader. Do you agree?

    The mystery of his death still lingers, while interest about his life continues to grow. In 1859, a book called 'On the Origin of Species' by Charles Darwin was published. The book inserted into the minds of the Victorian people that man had evolved from apes. Hence we see the frequent references to Mr. Hyde's animal characteristics through out the book. The author makes Mr. Hyde seem less than a fully evolved man, more akin to animals than the rest of mankind and he portrays this through the imagery of Mr.

    • Word count: 2212
  4. The Cruciable

    Giles also continues to go on about how Thomas Putnam constantly goes after his neighbours land. Proctor and Putnam have a small debate over whether Proctor timber belongs to him. "Putnam: What lumber is that you're draggin', if I may ask you? Proctor: My lumber. From out by my forest, by the riverside. Putnam: Why, we are surely gone wild this year. What anarchy is this? That tract is in my bounds, it's in my bounds, Mr Proctor." This quote clearly shows that Putnam is in constant confrontation with his neighbours overland. Giles believes Putnam tells his daughter to cry witchery on George Jacobs (an elderly Jewish man)

    • Word count: 2569
  5. Cal by Bernard Mac Laverty - Critical Evaluation

    This is because a year earlier Cal was reluctantly involved in the murder of a Protestant policeman, who was, in fact, Marcella's husband. Cal becomes closer and closer to Marcella as the novel goes on, and you find out more about the murder as the plot develops. He then lands himself a job at Mrs. Mortons farm, the mother of Marcella's husband, Robert. This brings him even closer to Marcella and they start to have a relationship with each other.

    • Word count: 2151
  6. What is the importance of setting in 'Endgame?'

    The very first words of the play are 'bare interior' which give us very little indication of how the setting looks and therefore gives us little indication on how the setting will effect the characters; because there is nothing there. Here is our first suggestion of the concept of zero, it is a blank room with nothing in it and therefore it is a constant nothing. Beckett keeps the props at a bare minimum but the ones he does use have many meanings to them.

    • Word count: 2056
  7. Are Lord And Lady Capulet Good Parents?

    It sends out a message... 'Be careful for what you wish for'. The opening of the story is a metaphor of society, the Victorians were very cozy in there lifestyle. Huddling together to keep England, keep ideas, keep reason, keep religion and stick to what they know but new things are trying to get in. When Jacobs wrote The Monkeys Paw the Victorians were curious about exotic far off lands and travelling, a popular saying at the time was "the sun never sets on the British empire " By the early 1900s, England had conquered and colonized countries all over the world.

    • Word count: 2582
  8. How does Peter Medak create sympathy for Derek in Let Him Have it(TM)

    The decision is made that he is to be released partially because of his low level intelligence, that of an eleven year old. The scene foreshadows what happens later; from what is said you get a real sense that the institutions of society are much more powerful than the individual - in this case, Derek. Justice is firmly against him, although it is apparent there is nothing criminal about him. Ashamed of what happened, Derek becomes a recluse and does not leave the house.

    • Word count: 2002
  9. Short Story Essay - Chemistry by Graham Swift

    it must have been soon after Mother met Ralph". His childish observations are mixed with a more adult explanation "I didn't want to kill him... since death is a deceptive business". He lost his Grandmother suddenly when he was 4 years old and his father to a plane accident when he was only 7 years old. He has experienced considerable loss in his 10 years of life. None of this loss was explained to him as death, his mother simply told him after his fathers' death that "He has gone where Grandma's gone".

    • Word count: 2123
  10. Prose essay

    The text states, 'She loved you more than she loved me. It isn't fair.' The pigeon and trainers are both symbols of the children used in place of the characters that either have or are about to leave home. In 'Flight', the grandfather took control over the bird. He deliberately held out his wrist for the bird to take flight and then caught it again at the moment it spread its wings. 'Now you stay there,' he muttered. He does this because he has seen Alice meeting her boyfriend, he is trying to show control over the bird to demonstrate his control over her.

    • Word count: 2848
  11. An analysis of the opening of Nosferatu by F.W. Murnau

    Dracula has remained popular since, and many films have had him as a main antagonist or in some cases as a protagonist or used his name in the title to add additional effect to the movie. A lot of Nosferatus parts and bits were copied by modern titles. It is the second most used character in the film industry after Sherlock Holmes. Although vampires have been known and popular since medieval times, introducing Count Dracula into the genre brought real popularity to it and increased the interest in vampires.

    • Word count: 2072
  12. Do you think that Henry James wrote The Turn of the Screw as a ghost story?

    From the very beginning of the book, we are told that "Griffin's ghost ... appearing first to the little boy, at so tender an age, adds a particular touch." Douglas goes on to argue that if the presence of a child gives the story "another turn of the screw", the presence of two children ought to give the story two 'turns'. The thought of an additional 'turn of the screw' immediately creates suspense - a vital element to any ghost story.

    • Word count: 2125
  13. The Inspector calls

    'They wanted the rates raised so that they could average about twenty-five shillings a week. I refused, of course'. This results to Mr Birling taking the first sinful act towards Eva smith. Unlike Mr Birling & his old fashioned views, the inspector shows that he cares about the working class by investing Eva Smith's case and making everyone of the Birling family feel bad & to see what they did wrong. He keeps on implying what they did wrong & how they affected Eva 'but you're partly to blame. just as your father is', '(harshly) Yes. But you can't.

    • Word count: 2310
  14. A view from a bridge

    They were expected to behave like men, "Come on Rodolfo, I'll show you a couple of passes... now watch out here I come, Danish!" Working class men had specific views on sexuality; this is a reason why Eddie and Rodolfo are constantly fighting. Eddie suspects Rodolfo as being a homosexual, because Rodolfo makes dresses, sings and dances, which is not a way a man should be behaving, and because of this behaviour, he calls Rodolfo "A weird" and tells Alfeiri, "the guy ain't right," Eddie also worries how the other men view him, "they're calling him a canary."

    • Word count: 2491
  15. inspector calls/ dramatic devices

    Priestley carefully takes advantage of the knowledge he had of society and history to portray these ideas. This has a significant effect on the members of the audience, for example the play is set in 1912, before World War One. It was a period when there were many strikes, food shortages and great political tension. However, the play was performed in 1945 at the end of World War Two, and in a society where power and wealth was the central focus and the country was in hysteria.

    • Word count: 2360
  16. Diverse Culture- Guleri and Veronica

    Veronica and Guleri both live in male dominated countries, which make females seen by everyone as inferior. The story of 'Veronica' is told in first person by Okeke who is Veronica's childhood friend and the 'I' in the story. The story of 'A Stench of Kerosene' is told in third person by an omniscient narrator. The author of 'Veronica' is Adewale Maja-Pearce and he was brought up in Nigeria, the same place as Veronica was. Maja- Pearce later returned to London, as this was his place of birth so that he could supplement his education.

    • Word count: 2245
  17. Explore the Stylistic Conventions of Both "Notes from a Small Island" and "In Patagonia" and account for their different audiences.

    This journey motivated to write the first of his books which was simply named, In Patagonia. In Patagonia won The Hawthornden Prize and the E.M. Forster award and launched his writing profession. Two of Chatwins films have been made into feature films, The Viceroy Oiudah (retitled Cobra Verde) directed by Werner Herzog and the British film. Bruce Chatwin has also written 'On the Black Hill', 'The Song Lines' 'The Viceroy of Ouidah'.2 Before Bryson's begins his story, he writes a prologue of his first encounter with Britain and how inviting it was for him. Bryson elaborates on why he returned to England in 1995.

    • Word count: 2013
  18. The Intersection of External Time and Internal Time in Mrs Dalloway

    Characters' memories introduce the element of time. Furthermore, one of the techniques for representing the stream of consciousness in the novel is the indirect mode of interior monologue. To put the point another way, this method provides the reader direct access to the characters' thoughts, emotions and feelings by the use of words. It replaces the images that must be used to represent such sensations. Moreover, thoughts are reported into a third-person past tense narrative. However, it seems that Woolf never tries to transcribe the stream of consciousness of her characters directly.

    • Word count: 2744
  19. Language of 'Abigail's Party' by Mike Leigh.

    Lawrence speaks in a polite and precise manner 'Ah, yes-now, when would you be best for you? ...No, no, I'll fall in with you, Mrs Cushing.' (Page 2) this enforces the idea of him being a well brought up man and hopefully in his eyes achieving the idea that his guests consider him of a high social class. Leigh also used the language of the character Lawrence to make him persuasive and condescending, 'I don't only like Minis-I like lots of other cars. But I find the Mini economical, efficient and reliable.' (Page 8) this is a good example of the 'rule of 3' a strong persuasive technique, this is how he enforces his ideas on others and appears so domineering and always seems to be right as no one has the courage to object.

    • Word count: 2040
  20. Moby Dick - Outline.

    The fact that these dated plaques represent dead men insinuates the story takes place at a later date. Also, the three-year whaling voyage that Ishmael eventually sets out on leaves on Christmas. This not only says that the time of departure was during the cold of winter, but also further supports the idea that Melville was representing his search for faith when he wrote Moby-Dick. The place is also a factor to consider when discussing setting. There are many instances where Melville specifically states that they are near the cities of New Bedford and Nantucket. Also, the foods that they eat suggest that they are in a New England type atmosphere.

    • Word count: 2035
  21. Analysis of "The Destructors" by Graham Greene

    But then he goes on to introduce the ?gang? and their lives, forcing the reader to wonder about the circumstances which have led to these young boys acquiring qualities of ?danger?, of the ?unpredictable?. Greene then answers this question, going on to explain that the story is set in the place that has been the worst for wear- having been dealt the worst blow in the war- and will continue to suffer due to the aftermath of the war. Here he refers to ?the first blitz?; a period when London was continuously bombed and left in a state of disarray.

    • Word count: 2298

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Compare and contrast the two pairs of lovers in 'Much Ado about Nothing'. Consider their attitudes, actions, language, love and audience reaction to their stories.

    "In conclusion the play illustrates a kind or irony. The young passionate relationship between Hero and Claudio based on shallow first appearances deepens. As Claudio matures he begins to appreciate Hero as a real person when he realises her innocence and finally marries her. Beatrice and Benedick's innate love is cemented, when in the final scene, they begin to realise the game they have been playing and see each other for who they really are. Benedick finally silences Beatrice with a kiss, and thus like all Shakespeare's comedies the play ends in marriage between the two couples, allowing his audience to return home satisfied and in good spirit. BIBILOGRAPHY 1. Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare - Arden (2001) 2. Much Ado About Nothing - Film starring Emma Thompson and Kenneth Brannagh. 3. Much Ado About Nothing - York Notes (1980) 4. Much Ado About Nothing - Spark Notes 5. Internet www.gcseguide.co.uk"

  • an inspector calls- discuss the dramatic affect the inspector has upon the play

    "In conclusion, all of the drama in the play is either directly related to the Inspector or is involving the Inspector. He disrupts the Birling household immensely; he leaves the foundations of the family shattered. One of the clever things the Inspector does is; instead of breaking the family down by telling them they are awful people and that they have killed a young, innocent girl. He gives them some facts, tells them how they were involved and then he lets them work out in their minds what they have done and how they can avoid a similar situation in the future. ."

  • Compare the beginnings of Uncle Ernest and Brighton rock.

    "In conclusion, I mostly enjoyed the opening of Brighton Rock by Graham Greene because I was kept interested throughout and I wanted to read the rest of the story to find out what happens to Hale and if he really gets murdered. I also want to get to know the character better because I feel I know nothing about him. The author writes the story well because the techniques he uses help to build the suspense. I did not really enjoy Uncle Ernest and I wasn't inspired to read on because there was little action and I already knew lots about the main character. Allegra Gacsall"

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