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GCSE: Other Authors

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  1. Essay on "Holes" by Luis Sachar

    A Juvenile Detention Center can be compared to prisons, but the difference is that it?s for minors that break the law. That person is held there for a period of time, depending on how serious the crime was and if he/she is considered dangerous out in the community. When Stanley was sent to Camp green lake I think he got some kind of confident- boost because he got to know many new friends, and the most important part: He became accepted, and I think that really made him feel like he was a part of something special and that he

    • Word count: 636
  2. Themes, Atmosphere and my favourite character in the story "Games at Twilight" by Anita Desai

    Note Ravi's happy innocent daydreaming in the garage as he awaits his triumph. And then at the end, we see that vulnerability as his hopes are crushed, and Desai also brings in the theme of childhood heartbreak as Ravi learns a valuable grown-up lesson about his own significance: Childhood is filled with exhilarating moments of joy and glee, moments of vulnerability and innocence, and heartbreaking moments of difficult lessons learned, and Desai reflects all of these in her story "Games at Twilight."

    • Word count: 980
  3. "In the Third Man, Graham Greene presents ordinary people who have the capacity for both good and evil. Discuss

    Gradually, he discovers not only that Calloway was right but also that Harry was not the man lying in the coffin at his funeral and that he is still alive. Graham Greene highlights the notions of good and evil through the characters and their choices. For example, when Harry says his first lines in the novel, he is revealed not as the loving boyfriend idealized by Anna or the perfect best friend described by Rollo, but as an uncontrollable insane man.

    • Word count: 895
  4. "The darkness out there". Penelope Lively develops Mrs. Rutters character in many ways, with clues early on to her true self.

    Later, the house mirrors this comment by the author describing that it ?smelt of damp and mouse?. Animals and flowers are frequently mentioned in the description of the ornaments and her love of plants, ?You should see the wood in spring, with all the bluebells?. This constant reference to nature implies there is a link with Mrs. Rutter, for nature is changeable and not always as it seems. There is also evidence to suggest she is an old lady whose mind is still stuck in the past, such as her collection of ?old calendars and pictures torn from magazines?.

    • Word count: 1588
  5. Commentary on "The kid glove collier".

    Miners are represented in this story as workers in a rough, man?s world industry. In the story it is portrayed as a ?man?s job?, and so miners are consequently portrayed as real men. Hard working, young strong and healthy, with words such as ?wrestling? used to help send the message across.

    • Word count: 429
  6. The Destructors by Graham Greene is a short story about how war can change the lives of not only one but a whole society.

    Despite the fact that they are teenagers, all their minds are young and they easily get influenced. It is like a virus spreading through their brains. People lose their hopes, dreams, and beliefs because fear spreads throughout the whole city; nothing gave them any sort of motivation or faith. The ?Wormsley Common gang? (Greene 160) is a group of boys who find joy in hitching rides, committing petty theft, and vandalizing which contributed to the destruction of society. Meeting in an abandoned parking lot is their daily recreational spot. One day, group member Trevor, also known as T, ?astonished them all,? (Greene 161)

    • Word count: 1378
  7. Themes in Doris Lessing's "Through the Tunnel".

    I admire Jerry for his persistence and then success and don?t think I could have done this myself. The story teaches us that to grow up you have to break free. Jerry in Through the Tunnel breaks free from his loneliness. He is referred to as ?the loner? throughout the story and makes no mention of friends. Jerry is always with his mother and they are very protective over each other because there is no one else in any of their lives. He manages to break free from his loneliness by making friends with the Local boys and he feels accepted.

    • Word count: 894
  8. One of the main themes in Upton Sinclairs novel, The Jungle, is society.

    The truth is, as Jurgis slowly realizes, there are classes that prevents him from achieving the American Dream. As all of his experiences show, the American Dream is only a dream. The main reason why Jurgis and his family moves from Lithuania is so they can have a better life as the American Dream says they can. Very quickly they realize it isn?t the life they thought it?d be. Everyone struggles to even find a job and when they do, the jobs are hard and low paying.

    • Word count: 724
  9. Many Characters in The Wasp Factory Seek to Exert Control over Themselves, Others and the Environment. What does Iain Banks have to Say about the Idea of Control in the Novel?

    The reader immediately gets a first and lasting impression of Frank?s unusual aggression and control hungry personality. And in case the sign wasn?t enough, we then see him progress to his ?sacrifice poles;? believing in the power of the dead protecting his territory, we soon hear a description of one of these poles and it?s is the first time we really see to what an extent Frank is prepared to go to control. One of the poles ?bears a rat?s head and two dragonflies, the other a seagull and two mice. Both of these ?sacrifices? consist of one larger animal and two smaller, an image that could be seen as resembling a set of male genitals, a key to a man?s something Frank is in fact never in control or even sure about.

    • Word count: 1978
  10. An inspiring character in the book Love Lessons by Jacqueline Wilson was Prudence King

    Prudence is a wonderful artist but dreadful at mathematics. At times she can act spoilt and naïve. She loves to read. 1. She has an incredible imagination, and despite her maturity, she engages in child-like imaginary games, which her younger sister, Grace, envies greatly. 1. For example, Prue creates an imaginary friend called Tobias, a young blonde boy her age who was inspired by a boy she saw in a painting, and she often talks to him at night and at times when she doesn't feel herself.

    • Word count: 1149
  11. How does Bradbury explore the dangers of technology in There Will Come Soft Rains?

    Whereas his story features many domestic activities which are familiar to households in the developed world, none of these is performed by human beings. We assume that we control our own world; however, in this story, it is the house that regulates and controls the daily routine of its inhabitants. For example, just as it prepares a breakfast to order at the beginning of the story, it also does so at the end. Similar to the personificated ?hissing sigh? of the stove, which is a sinister hint at technology?s exasperated emergency away from human control, the ?hysterically hissing? stove at the end features alliteration and assonance to compare technology?s power to that of a demonic serpent.

    • Word count: 681
  12. "About a boy". Explain how Nick Hornby creates conflict on one's self identity through the interactions of relationships.

    Hornby uses his characterisation, symbols and quotes to give us his example of conflict on one's self identity. To put deceiving to an end and start taking responsibilities would be a hard mission for someone who lives life simply without caring about anything and deceives others only for women and sex. A character in the novel Will, is a thirty-six year old behaving like a teenager is an example. His immature and selfish assumptions of others can be seen in quotes like "Marcus was not a brass-rubbing sort of child, or a puppet theatre sort of a child or even a child at all; at twelve his childhood was over."

    • Word count: 915
  13. To what extent are the characters in "Heroes" by Robert Cormier true heroes and heroic?

    During the war Francis leapt upon a live grenade and in doing so saved the rest of his platoon. This caused Francis to earn a silver star for heroism and for his face to be blown away in the explosion. This gives the impression that Francis is a hero above all others by the fact that even at such a young age he did what he did to save other people. All the people who knew him at the time seem to think that he was a hero too. It is after his return to Frenchtown that the real reason of Francis going to war becomes clear.

    • Word count: 831
  14. Inter texual References in William Goldmans novel "The Princess Bride".

    and Westley(poor farm boy)], and the opposite with the bad character[Prince Charming(a price) and Prince Humperdinck(a prince)]. Both of these texts also have the same basic plot line. This is where negative characters are trying to force marriage upon a character(which being Buttercup(Princess Bride) and Princess Fiona(Shrek)). Both of these characters find true love with the positive characters and the negative characters get jealous and try to ruin it for both of them.

    • Word count: 434
  15. Reader response to The Garden Party written by Katherine Mansfield

    Secondly, Laura is also without difficulty to feel symphathy to others. This is when she heard the news about the accident in the neighbourhood,she abruptly wants The Garden Party to be called off. She feels at ease having a great party while there is a grieving family within earshot. If I am at Laura?s situation, I will exactly feel the same things too.

    • Word count: 559
  16. Prose Text Analysis- All Quiet On The Western Front

    Corporal Himmelstoss symbolises the violent elements of war, forcing the soldiers do inhumane tasks. He teaches the soldiers how to handle the harsh and brutal climate of war. Corporal Himmelstoss “had the reputation of being the strictest disciplinarian in the camp, and was proud of it” (21) He forces Paul Bäumer to perform dreadful and intense tasks, increasing his pain threshold and thus making him mentally stronger in order to withstand these inhumane duties, therefore preparing him for war. However this horrific experience brings Paul and the Second Company closer, and bonds them with hatred against Himmelstoss.

    • Word count: 991
  17. So Much To Tell You Exposition. The novel So Much to Tell You by John Marsden explores the concept of growth and change

    We then quickly see Marina become the observer; she will not/cannot communicate so she results to watching. Marina observes and even subconsciously judges the other girls in the dorm, and in the school, as she watches their faces for hints of emotions or deep feelings, examining their behaviour; ?I sat under a tree outside the court and watched.? As the novel progresses, Marina begins to reveal bits and pieces of her past, and how it has affected her, we continue to see that she refuses to communicate, even by writing something as simple as a poem, ?Poems are dangerous,? as she knows that to do so, reveals emotion causing her to feel vulnerable to those who read it.

    • Word count: 1144
  18. The Mother Figure in Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson

    Both Lucille and Ruth have a certain disconnect which causes them to find themselves through living and experiencing the different typed of woman that have watched over them overtime. After the death of their mother, Ruth and Lucille?s lives start to change forever. At a very early age, both Ruth and Lucille get dropped off at their grandmother?s house by their mother who was to never return to her daughters again. ??gave them her purse, rolled down the windows, started the car, turned the wheel as far to the right as it would go, and roared swerving and sliding across the meadow until she sailed off the edge of the cliff? (Robinson 23).

    • Word count: 1481
  19. My Ending for "When the Wasps Drowned".

    I walked down the stairs and continued through to the kitchen. I got a glass of ice cold water from the dispenser in the fridge and went and sat at the breakfast table. Due to the heat we had left all the windows open, so you could hear quite a lot from outside. A short while later I heard Mr Mordecai?s distinctive, vintage car start and drive away. I was still concerned about what I had just witnessed. Had Mr Mordecai just dug up that body me and Therese found?

    • Word count: 784
  20. Peter Camerons Homework Analysis

    The sister desperately tries to be beautiful, even hurting herself in the process and using many of the family?s resources such as eggs (1). This shows that the sister has an inner struggle that she must eventually face to overcome. Even in our modern world today, beauty is something that determines someone?s place in society. Another reason characterization is utilized to emphasize the theme is of Michael?s relationship with his father. Their father and son relationship is dropped with holes and mistrust, as Michael characterized his father who likes to let subjects drop.

    • Word count: 901

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