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GCSE: Other Authors

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  1. Robert Fergusson

    Andrews University. As a student, Fergusson became infamous for his pranks, having once come close to expulsion. Despite this riotous reputation, the poet's education stayed with him: the influence of his schooling in Latin and Greek, and of his friendship with the author of The Epigoniad (1757), Professor William Wilkie, is evident throughout his poetry. While at St. Andrews, legend has it that he began a tragedy on William Wallace, but abandoned the project when hearing of another play with the same theme.

    • Word count: 415
  2. Epic and Pastoralism in Beowulf, Paradise Lost, and The Garden

    Generally, Pastoral writers deal with the lives of shepherds in the rural life and typically compare the happiness and pureness of a simple life and the corruption and sadness of the city. Most characters in pastoral poetry are often used to convey the author's social and moral believes. It is incredible, to say the least, how closely one can compare poetry that comes from such diverse and unique cultural and historical backgrounds. Also, it is very interesting how these authors change or attempt to change the genre that they are working with specially that of Milton and Marvell.

    • Word count: 475
  3. Is Shylock a Victim or a Villain?

    Christianity, the New Testament, follows mercy and forgiveness. The Duke and Antonio both show mercy towards Shylock when he has shown none. Shakespeare first introduces Shylock in Act1: Scene3. With no stage directions we have to decipher what a character is like only through what they say. "Three thousand Ducats-well." His first line is about money. Shakespeare instantly gives us the impression that his only interest is money. This is also the case when he is at home with Jessica, his daughter and away from work.

    • Word count: 4775

    Unlike the other novels, "The Da Vinci Code" begins with an action scene, leaving the reader curious. The title "The Da Vinci Code" indicates another code- breaking plot however it leaves readers wondering, what code is to be solved? The word "code" is quite vague and could imply there is a secret waiting to be unleashed. Dan Brown added the phrase "The Da Vinci" before "code". "Da Vinci" is short for Leonardo da Vinci, a great painter, inventor and writer. A reader will be aware of this because Da Vinci is famous. Even though Da Vinci was regarded as a skilled engineer, none of his works linked to puzzles and codes.

    • Word count: 1601
  5. Explore the ways in which Collins presents the relationships between men and women in The Moonstone. Do male or female characters have more influence in the novel?

    This aspect of Rachel's character and personality is shown many times in the novel, for instance, when she refuses to talk about the diamond for Franklin Blake's reputation would be shattered if she spoke. This gives the reader the impression that Rachel values her friends and family and she is a women of her word. This adds suspense to the novel and greatly effects the plot as if she had revealed what she knew then Franklin Blake would have been arrested and would not have had a chance of defending himself, resulting in the Moonstone never being found and Godfrey Ablewhite getting away, with no consequences.

    • Word count: 1976
  6. Analysis of "Northern Lights" how Philip Pullman presents the characters within the novel for example looking at animal symbolism

    He is, in many ways just like his daemon; cold hearted, vicious, strong in body and mind. "...all his movements were large and perfectly balanced, like those of a wild animal and when he appeared in a room like this he seemed a wild animal held in a cage to small for it." He as well as his daemon had elegance, and the author even compared lord Asriel himself to a wild animal. His daemon, was enticing with lush fur so beautiful, yet she is the predator, the hunter, fierce and untamed, like her master, the leopard seems silent but deadly, sweet but if provoked you are left vulnerable to her attack.

    • Word count: 858
  7. Sherlock Holmes

    Because of this, Doyle brought back the character and his side kick Watson back from the shadows. Doyle managed to keep his audiences interested in Sherlock Holmes by cleverly making a flawless idea. This was to release different stories every month instead of keeping one story and carrying it one month after month. This was a clever and successful philosophy because Conan Doyle knew that if he stuck to one story then people would lose interest because people who missed an issue wouldn't buy the next one whereas if he made a new story every month then people would still buy the issue every month as they didn't miss anything.

    • Word count: 1787
  8. Analysisi of Christopher Boones Personality

    One of the things that Christopher finds most difficult is understanding people's emotions. This is one of the reason for his love of dogs, "I like dogs.........it has four moods. Happy, sad, cross and concentrating." This shows that Christopher likes dogs because they are easy for him to understand as they only have a few moods and so he isn't confused by their emotions. We can see that he finds humans much more complicated in the quote "I could tell he was angry because he was shouting," as this tells us that Christopher has to wait for certain signs to tell that someone is angry as he can't understand how they are feeling by there expressions of what they are saying.

    • Word count: 668
  9. Examine how James creates the atmosphere and tension of a ghost story in the opening chapters of Henry James' The Turn of the Screw

    In Victorian times these were key elements to a ghost story. In modern day times we expect different things though, a weird twist and a different plot, otherwise people will think it is boring and not really scary because we can predict what is going to happen. Henry James's story is more like a modern ghost story in this respect. The prologue builds tension straight away. In the very first sentence, the author commands the readers' expectations of the story by telling us that this will be a frightening tale. "The story had held us, round the fire, sufficiently breathless" - this makes us wonder - how could a story make us feel like this?

    • Word count: 1707
  10. English Essay - Lord of the Rings

    He was the person who had the 'one ring to rule them all', but eventually he had to hand out this one ring on his birthday to his nephew 'Frodo Baggins'. As this happened 'Gandalf the Grey' had warned Frodo to leave 'The Shire' for safety otherwise the 'Ring Wraths' would turn the village upside down to dig out the ring. Gandalf also warned Frodo to keep running, to never settle down in one place and to keep away from the roads because it would make it easier to hunt him out.

    • Word count: 1925
  11. Wonderland Vs Neverland

    Quite a bit more grown up than the other kids in the 19th century, Alice believes herself to be an adult, acting far beyond her age, and facing challenges with a far more mature attitude. Although confused and a little frazzled when falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, she immediately sets herself goals and explores, pushing herself on with an air of experience. When faced with the bottle that says "DRINK ME", she shows herself knowledgeable, letting readers know she's heard all about different kinds of poison, and knows that "if you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later" (Carroll 8).

    • Word count: 2800
  12. Book report. I have read the book 'Swallows and Amazons' by Arthur Ransome. It is a children's adventure story in the period between the two world wars featuring the Walker and Blackett children

    who is also the Amazons' uncle. After a brief battle to decide the flagship, they attack Captain Flint and claim victory. Captain Flint becomes friendly again and the younger Swallows help Mr. Turner find his stolen treasure. The story ends with the departure of the Swallows back home. The part I found most interesting in this book is Titty, the third of the Walkers and able-seaman, staying alone in the island for the night while the others went on an expedition and capturing the Amazon.

    • Word count: 933
  13. English Coursework - Othello

    Though his reputation gets affected by these comments, his status shows him as a person worth respect. His true characteristics, that were described later on, interacted with his introduction "...my perfect soul..." I.2 page 65, another showed that he was a truthful and non-civilised character "Rude am I in my speech...blessed with the soft praise of peace" I.3 page 65, this goes against the elements that are needed for a person to be a general. Audience could understand that Othello is not really someone who can control, but someone who can be controlled because of these characteristics, which may lead to the tragedy.

    • Word count: 1645
  14. Shirley Valentine

    She dreamed of going to Greece and sitting alone on the beach. Russell equally dreamed of something unattainable. They both are bored and disappointed with their everyday routine. Shirley, a middle aged woman, is disappointed because her husband treats her as a housewife and she does not have a life outside of the house. No one pays any attention to her and she feels underappreciated. Everyday life looks exactly the same. Russell uses a number of techniques to make us sympathise with Shirley. These include providing a social context for the play, flashbacks, language devices such as humour, dramatic monologues and voice-overs.

    • Word count: 647
  15. How does the writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman create a sense of unease and madness in her short story The Yellow Wallpaper?

    The narrator is nervous when writing because no one else must know. The writer conveys an atmosphere of unease between the narrator and her husband at the beginning of story when she writes 'John laughs at me'. This shows unease between the couple because her husband laughs at her the relationship is not right this shows that John does not respect her. This means the marriage is not right as he has no respect for his wife. Another way that the writer conveys a sense of unease between the couple is that the narrator writes 'John is a physician...

    • Word count: 1849
  16. How are traditional American values portrayed in this post-apocalyptic world of Cormac McCarthys The Road?

    The third type of journey that I associate with the phrase 'The Road' is the concept of being on an open road, simply going with no particular interest in where you may arrive, simply the journey itself has its importance. This may simply be on a whim or yearning for open road or maybe because of a need to travel, to not stop and just keep going and perhaps to get away from something, an example of this is the film 'Thelma and Louise'.

    • Word count: 2127
  17. Whose Life Is It Anyway?

    Clark cleverly uses the unvaried setting to give you a clear insight into the monotonous non-existence of Ken's life. Quadriplegia encages Ken's body within four square walls. But his mind remains acute, as he apprehends the struggle that lies ahead of him. Kens voice protests on the behalf of all the patients who's dignity, and self-determination is overruled by well-intention and expert opinion. Dr. Emerson poses as his main opposition, he is a doctor with much experience, and he is unquestionably loyal to his profession.

    • Word count: 1422
  18. We dont live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. How far does this quotation sum up Priestleys aims and concerns in An Inspector Calls?

    It was also his foreknowledge of Eva Smith's death which made us question who the Inspector really was in the play because since the Inspector came in to interrogate the Birlings, Eva had always been alive as Gerald had called up the infirmary asking about the death after the Inspector had left, 'No girl has died in there today. They haven't had a suicide for months.' More importantly, it was the confidence in the way the Inspector talked and how much he knew about the death before which made it seem as if he knew that Eva was going to commit suicide.

    • Word count: 1527
  19. The Vendetta Short Story Analysis

    It further emphasises the point that the old woman's surroundings are stark and unforgiving. Maupassant creates tension in the story by using the first section to describe the character of the widow in detail. He does this by setting up problems which make it seem impossible for her to carry out the vendetta. One of these problems is that she is extremely old. The author makes sure to repeat it many times throughout the story so the reader is conscious of the fact that she isn't capable of murdering a fully grown man herself.

    • Word count: 1281
  20. An inspector calls

    It creates a dramatic effect. Priestley was concerned that there was so much class and gender divide in the society and lower classes and women were treated unequally and unfairly. He became very concerned about the consequences of social inequality. Priestley and some others set up a new political party called the Common Wealth party in attempt to fix the society. Priestley wanted the idea of the welfare state to be put into place. This began to happen at the end of the war.

    • Word count: 1796
  21. While Stevensons Jekyll and Hyde is a reflection of the times in which it is set in, it also has considerable relevance for the modern reader. Do you agree?

    The mystery of his death still lingers, while interest about his life continues to grow. In 1859, a book called 'On the Origin of Species' by Charles Darwin was published. The book inserted into the minds of the Victorian people that man had evolved from apes. Hence we see the frequent references to Mr. Hyde's animal characteristics through out the book. The author makes Mr. Hyde seem less than a fully evolved man, more akin to animals than the rest of mankind and he portrays this through the imagery of Mr.

    • Word count: 2212
  22. The Cruciable

    Giles also continues to go on about how Thomas Putnam constantly goes after his neighbours land. Proctor and Putnam have a small debate over whether Proctor timber belongs to him. "Putnam: What lumber is that you're draggin', if I may ask you? Proctor: My lumber. From out by my forest, by the riverside. Putnam: Why, we are surely gone wild this year. What anarchy is this? That tract is in my bounds, it's in my bounds, Mr Proctor." This quote clearly shows that Putnam is in constant confrontation with his neighbours overland. Giles believes Putnam tells his daughter to cry witchery on George Jacobs (an elderly Jewish man)

    • Word count: 2569
  23. Little Women

    In the Novel the four sisters show that they are very unselfish and are capable of sharing what little things they have with others. Even though the girls realise (Amy especially) that they are suffering poverty and are not able to receive everything that they wish, they are very grateful for what they have. The March sisters tend not to make a fuss mainly because whilst their father is away life gets tough with only a mother figure around. "Not far away from here lies a poor old woman with a little new born baby.

    • Word count: 946
  24. The short story called Father and Son was written by Bernard Maclaverty, an author who uses his stories to transfer real life problems.

    Another quotation that shows the area they live in: "The door swings open and he pushes a hand-gun beneath his pillow." Here it conveys that the area is so terrible, that a young man has a gun to protect himself against harm. The son is introduced to us in the first paragraph as the author transmits his feelings of the father waking up by the son. The son is imaged to the audience by him having orange fingers from the nicotine.

    • Word count: 1141

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