English Media - Review of the film Jaws

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GCSE English media coursework.



            A thrilling film, Jaws, is about a great white shark which attacks living prey, its favourite food being human. It was set in the East Coast of USA in Amity Island and directed by Steven Spielberg. Set on the 4th of July, which is American Independence Day and due to this beaches are crowded. This gives the director the chance to scare the audience with the shark attacks.

         The chief of police, called Brody tries to convince the mayor to close the beach to prevent another shark attack. With the 4th of July holiday coming up, the mayor refuses because he is concerned about upsetting tourists. After the third attack, Brody is personally involved and decides to take it on himself to kill the shark. With the help of the sea captain, Quint and the biologists he goes out to find it.   

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            In the title sequence, the camera moves through the water, giving the audience impression of the sharks eye view. The music starts of very quietly and builds up until it is much louder; this creates the feeling that the shark is approaching its victim, and shows a connection between the theme music and the attacks. Also, the music builds up tension; this is best shown when a radio is playing on the beach, creating a happy holiday atmosphere. On the other hand, after the shark attack, there is absolute silence. There is contrast between the music and silence which ...

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