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Essay on my life

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Write a personal narrative essay (minimum 500 words) that describes a vivid episode in your life; in other words, tell a story about yourself that documents a personal experience you've had, be it good or bad, alone or with others. Prepare and include a thesis statement (opinion), either direct or implied, in the first paragraph or elsewhere in the essay, that reveals to the reader your response to what you experienced, and support that thesis with relevant details in the narrative. Please include some concrete descriptions in the narrative. One week before Christmas, my tall, blonde friend, Erika and I settled into opposite seats just as the train labored off toward Manhattan. We teased each other as we compared the weight and size of our over-night bags. Erika's bag held a change of underwear, a nightshirt, and a toothbrush; my bag contained three complete outfits, two pairs of shoes, a nightgown, a bathrobe, a hair- blower, cosmetics, and aspirin. Erika teased that I would be sorry when I had to carry my bag around the city. I joked that she would beg me for beauty supplies that night. We quieted down and smiled at each other as we anticipated the weekend. ...read more.


Sort of. It didn't just happen all of a sudden; but one day I knew I could not stay anymore - not one more day. I took a few changes of clothing, a couple of dollars, some food, a sleeping bag, and I started walking." I knew my face must have revealed my amazement, so I apologized. "Oh, it's okay. You're not the first person I've shocked," she said with a laugh. It seemed to me that Carol enjoyed shocking people with her story. Her laughter gave me permission to ask more questions. "How did you feed yourself? Did you work along the way? Did you have a tent? How long did it take? Weren't you frightened?" "I wasn't frightened. I knew the Lord was with me. The reason I love the homeless people now is that I was truly homeless myself. Sometimes I slept in the woods and sometimes in city streets. I did work off and on but usually I ate in soup kitchens; as few times I ate from garbage bins. I could have taken more money or my car with me, but I felt strongly that the Lord wanted me to leave everything behind." ...read more.


For the past twenty years, Carol has found joy in serving thousands of homelss people, and through that she has served God. We were wrong to try to explain Carol's life to ourselves. The only explanation that was necessary belonged to God. When I returned home, my family greeted me, and we chatted pleasantly about the events of my weekend. I thumbed through the waiting mail as we talked and I pulled out a letter from my old friend Linda, from Pennsylvania. Linda and I have been close since the eighth grade. Our lives often run parallel. I guess one could call us "soul-mates." We write every few months and try to get together once a year. Often we share with each other our problems with our husbands, kids, pets, and plants. Sometimes we share our deepest thoughts. We call it our "real gut-stuff." We have been therepists for each other through many of life's processes. I hadn't heard from Linda in months and so I anxiously opened her letter and read. "Dear Joanne, I think you had better sit down before you start reading this. I have been living in Las Vegas for the last few months. I left Bill and the kids. The only way I can explain it to you is that I drove out of my driveway last September to save my sanity... ...read more.

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