Essay Plan. Explore how the themes of love and conflict are presented in Jane Austens "Pride and Prejudice".

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Explore how the themes of love and conflict are presented in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Literary context ( good for introduction) in these times, marriage was the only way for women to survive financially. So there is a conflict between waiting to marry a rich, respectable husband and have financial security or waiting for your true love to come along. This is clearly shown by Elizabeth’s rejection of Mr Collins proposal, and later on the union between Charlotte and Mr Collins, which was based entirely on a social contact rather than romantic love.The Bennets marriage is in no way a good model for their daughters. Mr Bennet seems quite distant to the family, while for Mrs Bennet, the sole “business of her life was to get her daughters married”
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and was often found “intolerable” by these surrounding her. This explores how relationships stemming from an infatuation ( or sexual lust/passion) do not end up well. – “a family so deranged..a father absent and a mother incapable of exertion”. The author stresses that an essential part of a good marriage is getting to know one the partner’s character, which sometimes happens through conflict, like in Darcy and Elizabeth’s case.Even though Darcy is attracted to Elizabeth from the start – “fine pair or eyes”, but the nasty comments of his sisters about the family’s financial status do put him off.This conflict ...

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