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The poems “Blessing” and “Night of the scorpion” both describe an event. “Blessing” describes an event where a water pipe bursts in a small Indian village. “Night of the scorpion “ describes an event in the past where the poet’s mother was bitten by a scorpion and the ways the whole village became involved with the proceedings.

  “Blessing” is written by Imtiaz dharker. It describes the event of a water pipe bursting and the excitement it creates, especially among the children. The poet shows the water is valuable in the village in the first verse of the poem using imagery and a simile; “The skin cracks like a pod. There is never enough water”. This tells us that the land is extremely dry, doesn’t get much precipitation and is probably unsuitable for growing crops. This suggests the village is poor and needs to work together to survive. That first verse sets up the main event of the poem nicely because it shows the importance of water and that excess of water would get the village more excited than anything else. the poet then appeals to our senses when he uses onomatopoeias in the second verse; “Imagine the drip or it, the small splash, echo in a tin mug” They also use a religious reference; “ the voice of a kindly god” to suggest that water is almost like a gift from god because they cannot obtain water and it is almost a miracle when they can get hold of it. The fact that it is a miracle means that the only way poor can uneducated people can understand the event, is through the explanation of a supreme, all-powerful being ; a god. The opening of the verse suggests that every drop of water comes at once without interval. “sometimes, the sudden rush of fortune” also further emphasizes the point of how precious water is to people in places like India the poet now goes on to vividly describe the elation of the village as the whole town roars its approval of the flood and rushes out to collect as much of it as they can “ the flow has found the roar of tongues. from the huts, a congregation; every man woman child from streets around” In the final stanza the poet goes on to describe the children’s jubilation at the sudden burst of water; “ and naked children screaming in the liquid sun…over their small bones” This quote emphasizes that a simple life with water should be celebrated and to people in poor conditions a welcome blessing.

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“The night of the scorpion” is written by Nissim Ezekiel. The poem describes the event of the poet’s mother being stung by a scorpion and the village’s response to it. The use of the first person point of view in “scorpion is effective because it makes it seem more personal and the reader feels more involved. As in “blessing” the poet of “night of the scorpion” uses their personal experience to effect the poem positively. The night of the stinging in the poem is a wet night which is a contrast to the opening of blessing with “ten hours of ...

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