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Examine how Edger Allan Poe creates a sense of tension in

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(English coursework) Examine how Edger Allan Poe creates a sense of tension in "The Fall of the House of Usher." What gives the story a particularly gothic feel? "The Fall of the House of Usher," by Edger Allan Poe is horror in genre and is written in a gothic style. There are many passages in which Poe creates tension and he often gives it a gothic feel. Firstly, as the narrator arrives at the scene of the story, Poe builds up the tension and creates a sinister, chilly atmosphere. 'During the whole of a dull, dark and soundless day in the autumn of the year, when the clouds hung oppressively low in the heavens. I had been passing alone, on horseback, through a singularly dreary tract of Country, and at length found myself, as the shades of the evening drew on, within view of the melancholy House of Usher.' The reader will be tense and would desperately want to carry on reading, therefore tension was created effectively. ...read more.


The quote also creates a sense of tension because the reader will be anxious and nervous to see what Roderick Usher is actually like. Poe creates a sense of tension and he gives the story a particularly gothic feel when he mentions the family curse, 'a constitutional and a family evil...it displayed itself in a host of unnatural sensations...he could wear only garments of a certain texture; the odours of all flowers were oppressive; his eyes were tortured by even a faint light,' The quote mentions evil and therefore there is a gothic feel. Poe also creates a sense of tension the reader will be anxious to carry on reading about this family evil and the reader will be worried as the curse could carry on and trouble the remaining Usher's lives. Poe also adds a gothic element when he mentions the word, "FEAR," in capital words. The gothic style of writing is concerned with fear. ...read more.


cry, fell heavily inward upon the person of her brother, and in her violent and now final death agonies, bore him to the floor a corpse.' At the end the House of Usher collapses. Poe did this because he wanted to show that the House of Usher was symbolising humanity. He was saying that humanity is dieing just like the House of Usher. Exactly like the House collapsed, the same will one day happen to humanity. When the house collapsed, Poe was creating a sense of tension. My conclusion is that Edger Allan Poe created a sense of tension on many occasions. This was extremely effective as it will keep the reader interested and wanting to carry on reading. It will also make the reader more anxious and worried. Therefore they would find it a better read. Poe also gave the story a particularly gothic feel, this was effective because it created a considerable sense of suspense as well as a different type of atmosphere compared to other books. 1st March 2004 Mitin Bhalsod 11A ...read more.

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