Examine the way in which Culture affects the relationships of the main characters in 'Country lovers' and 'Veronica'.

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English GCSE course work

Examine the way in which Culture affects the relationships of the main characters in ‘Country lovers’ and ‘Veronica’.

Culture in my opinion is a part of every ones lives; it affects the way in which a group of people behave to one another. All Cultures have certain traditions, rules and regulations; all of this is a part of what is called a Custom. Cultures can dictate the way one leads their life. In some cultures when you reach a particular age you are able to get married for example in Countries like in India and the Middle East when a young girl becomes a mature age she has a choice if she wants to get married, a lot of the time they have an arranged marriage, this is when the parents choose a partner for them, However quite often they are forced to marry some one who their parents have chosen, this is called a forced marriage.

        Culture can be described in many ways, One can tell what culture or religion an individual belongs to by the way they dress, the language they speak, the different ceremonies that they celebrate how they lead their life, the religion that they follow, the food they eat and many more. There are many things that culture contains that moulds a group of people in to who they are and their way of life. Religion, traditional values and customs are all aspects of culture.                                                                        Some times different cultures can clash because people from one culture might not understand or respect another culture ,this lack of understanding of each others culture can cause huge problems in society and eventually segregation between the two cultures emerge and can turn into Racism.                                                                 A lot of the time cultures change because of problems that they are faced with  in society ,this can effect their way of life so must find a way  to get around these problems. For example a lot of first generation Asian people who live in Britain may find it hard to mix in with other people because there are many differences between the two like the language barrier or they might have different beliefs that not every one understands, the solution to the problem is that they need to learn about one another and respect what they believe in and their way of life, most importantly to create mutual understanding and respect for each other’s beliefs and way of life.

              In my opinion culture can influence many aspects of life. Even when living in a diverse country it can be seen that cultures can mix in together very well because of the way people integrate, like the diverse words from different languages are used by different people.

        This leads on to the story ‘country lovers’ which demonstrates how culture affects the lives of a group of people and individuals. In the story County lovers the setting is situated in South Africa where there is an apartheid, meaning that a certain degree of segregation is put in place, where by the black people are not allowed to integrate with the white people – who are in control of South Africa. The black people live in one place- in the story known as the ‘Karal’ and the white people in another. The apartheid meant that the black people were not allowed to get married to white people and that they could not have a relation ship. In the story we learn that the children do actually mix in together but as soon as the white children grow up and go to school they stop playing together. For example in the text it says: “The farm children play together when they are small; but once the white children go away to school they soon don’t play together any more.”         

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In the country lovers the main characters are: Paulus -a white boy and Thebedi -a black girl . Thebedi and Paulus as young children are good friends, they have so much fun together as they spend their time playing games and having fun. Time goes by and they both are grown up, Paulus goes to boarding school and Thebedi stays at the Karaal. When paulus comes back from boarding school, he would give her presents in secret and both of them would wonder off far beyond the Kraal to spend time together. As they ...

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