Examine the Way the Character of Bernard Marx Is Presented In the Brave New World

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In this essay, I will try and examine the way the character of Bernard Marx is presented in the ‘ Brave New World. ’ To accomplish this I will have to look at both his positive and negative qualities.

Bernard Marx is an Alpha Plus male in the ‘ Brave New World. ’ He is intelligent but disapproves of some of the main ideas in this world. This is the result of alcohol being put into his bottle when he was being decanted. This quote proves that, “ They say somebody made a mistake when he was still in the bottle – thought he was a Gamma and put alcohol in his blood surrogate. ”  The alcohol has also changed his physical appearance to make him look like a Gamma. A Gamma is physically very small and weak.

In this ‘ Brave New World ’, everyone is decanted from bottles. In other words, people don’t have babies anymore. In the Hatchery Centre, they are taught EVERYTHING. They have no control over their lives or the ability to think for themselves. We know that this is not a good thing but because they have no experience of self-thought, they don’t.

There are no races, just five classes; Alpha Plus, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, and Gamma. Alpha Plus is the best class and Gamma is the worst. Everyone is supposed to mix with everyone else. No one is supposed to be alone because they are meant to have more than one sexual partner and not be monogamous. ‘ Sleeping around ’ would be frowned upon in this world but there it is regarded as normal.

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Religion has been put out of existence, so there are no churches, mosques, or synagogues. There are also no priests and reverends because there is no need for them.

Death is also treated very differently. People are no longer buried, but they are put back into the system by being tossed into a big burning pit. Ford is the almighty controller. They don’t believe in an afterlife because their life on Earth is meant to be perfect.

The story is based around three main characters; Bernard Marx who works in the psychology bureau, Lenina Crowne ...

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