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Explore the mother-daughter relationship in

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Explore the mother-daughter relationship in "A Taste of Honey" The play "A taste of Honey" is set up in England in the 1950s. Helen is a single mother in a time it was very hard to rise up a child due to the criticisms of society for being unmarried. There were and still are social expectations on how should a good mother be, caring, comprehensive, loving etc which Helen does not live up to them. The relation between Jo and Helen all over the book is a destructive and negative relationship "Drink, drink, drink you make me sick" with some moments of affection " I'll pay, you're not stupid. You'll soon learn...you're wasting yourself". ...read more.


Jo only being a child is scared and vulnerable, not having a mother rollmodle or any advice from her mother "It's your life, ruin it your own way", Jo without noticing she is following some of her mother's patterns making the some of the same mistakes, and following certain life styles, which are the same things that made her feel disgusted of her mother. Jo fells jealous of the attention her mother gets from other men, and as she has never been felt loved by anyone and has no experience of love whatsoever, Jo with no experience and with out an a advice a traditional mother would give, she soon gets pregnant. ...read more.


Helen comes back, she is not interested on her daughter, that only reason she is there is that Peter; her "lover" has kicked her out. Helen quickly gets rid of Geoff in a very cruel way "Oh, you shut up. Sling your hook" When Helen finds that Jo is pregnant, she is interested in caring about the baby, but when she finds out that the baby's father is black and that most likely the baby will too, she reacts in a calm but destroying sarcasm. Reading the play a Taste of honey we can deduce that Helen had a similar childhood than Jo, and that probably Jo�s son will probably have the same problems she had, basically being a non-wanted child. Pablo Hern�ndez ...read more.

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