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Explore the similarities and differences between "The charge of the light brigade" and "The last of the light brigade".

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Explore the similarities and differences between "The charge of the light brigade" and "The last of the light brigade". In this essay I will be comparing "The charge of the light brigade" to "The last of the light brigade". I will analyse the two poems for meanings to see which poem I preferred and why. "The charge of the light brigade" is about soldiers going off to war with the "Cossack and Russian". It shows the soldiers bravery and will-power. It explains why the soldiers were heroes and concentrates more on the optimistic and positive side of the war. It focuses on how the soldiers escaped the "mouth of h**l". It was written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. "The last of the light brigade" is about the same soldiers but a while after the war. The first poem focused on how they were heroes but "The last of the light brigade" explains that they are no longer heroes. It has a more pessimistic, negative point of view. The poem is about the soldiers begging Alfred Lord Tennyson to change the poem to tell the readers what is really happening to them. "You wrote we were heroes once sir. Please, write we are starving now." It is written by Rudyard Kipling. "The charge of the light brigade" was written to commemorate the soldiers who survived the war, calling them heroes. ...read more.


"The charge of the light brigade" is focused on the soldiers best points; bravery, courage and generosity. Whether as "The last of the light brigade" discuses the soldiers current lives; starving, poor and unwanted as the public only gave them "Twenty pounds and four!" The first poem talks about what they did for their country whether as the second poem talks about what their country is doing for them. In "The charge of the light brigade" the soldiers are described as heroes because they fought for their country and won. The poem is exaggerated to make it more interesting "came thro' the jaws of Death". The soldiers are described as men who gave there all for their country. "The last of the light brigade" tells us the truth behind the old poem, that these "heroes" are in fact starving, they don't have any clothes that fit and no one has the decency to give them any money for saving the country. We are told that they are past heroes, they have lived rough lives, and yet no one is giving them any credit. "The charge of the light brigade" is made up of short lines to make the reading quicker and so make the pace of the poem faster to give the impression that the war is constantly active. ...read more.


Visual images are created for the reader mostly by personification. In the poem "The charge of the light brigade" the ocular of the soldiers bravery is through the line "Into the jaws of death". With use from our imagination each reader will see the poem in a different perspective but either way Tennyson has created image through word. In "The last of the light brigade" metaphors are mainly used for optical visions, "life was fleeting". In "The charge of the light brigade", exclamation marks are often used to boldly put forward a statement or image. In stanzas two and nine, rhetorical questions are used to involve the reader and make the poem seem more realistic. In "The last of the light brigade", "Shame" and "Death" are both spelt with capital letters. This personifies these words and makes them seem like a physical threat to the soldiers. I found that "The charge of the light brigade" was less powerful and was far less emotional. It wasn't in a rhyme scheme and the constant repetition made me lose interest. I preferred "The last of the light brigade" as it has a much more powerful impact on the reader. This poem was more interesting to read because it was rhymed in an easy-to-read scheme, this made it nicer to read and more manageable to understand. I liked the underlying message in this poem which was arrogance has it's consequences. ...read more.

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