Facebook Is a Menace

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Starting with the name of Allah, the most gracious and the merciful.  Honorable principal, respected teachers, judges and my dear fellows.  Good morning and As Salam-u-Alaikum.

Today’s topic is indeed of considerable importance given that most of our youth spends a major portion of their time surfing uselessly on Facebook. Fellows, due to Facebook being so widespread amongst our teenagers their lives are severely affected by it in ways we can’t imagine. My dear friends here are continuously trying to justify the vain use of Facebook.  It’s time to understand as to:-  

  1. Why it’s so attractive in doing practically nothing for hours on fb?
  2. Why spend time sitting in front of a screen chatting with friends rather than personally interacting with people?
  3.  Why Surfing and playing stupid games on fb is so alluring?
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My dear fellows, in my belief Facebook is addictive, yeah Facebook is very addictive, it often kills much of the valuable & cherished time of our youth that is indeed lost.   On fb everybody is anonymous and hence people may harass their so called friends by making fake profiles and sending disturbing images, hence whatever is being done, no one will be held accountable for it. This has become so common in recent years that many of us can themselves relate to it. Not just that, Facebook is affecting teenagers, crushing their confidence into pieces. What is most grieving ...

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