Factfile of John Metcalf.

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                                      Name: John Metcalf also know as “Blind

John of Knaresborough.

Date of birth: 15th August 1717.

Height: At the age of 21 John was

over six foot tall.

Town of birth: Knaresborough

                                      Childhood: John had smallpox                                                                     at the age of 6 years this caused

                                   him to become blind. He could play the violin.

Marriage: Dorothy Benson was John’s wife, she was a shoemaker. John built a house for him and his wife. There Dorothy gave birth to a boy and his first daughter.

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Achievements: In 1754 John realised that there was a new method, which was a stone wagon. This was the start of the road building. He realised that the state of the roads were bad, so he contracted to build three miles of road, which would run from Minskip to Fearnsby. So he sold his wagon and began thirty years of road building. There were many problems like boggy land. He surveyed the land him self. Many special tools were used to help him to build his road like the viameter, which was used to measure the distances he was ...

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