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Family Values

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Family Values I was sitting in the meadows one day not long ago, at a place where there was a small brook. It was a cold day and although not completely winter frost developed on trees and their leaves and ice froze the dribbles of water falling from the river over the stones. My feet were warm inside of the many layers of socks I had put on my feet this chilly morn. I walked back to the little farm cottage. The smoke invited me to the coziness and warm feeling of our tiny cottage. I hadn't even stepped inside the door and I knew they were fighting. 'They', meaning Midge and Daniel, My closest family since mine and issues Mum died. She died giving birth and we were even triplets but we know that the other apparently lives in a big house with a family and husband in Paris where she was brought up. The house was warm when I got back. The table was set for afternoon tea and the tea had already been brewed. Midge ran into the kitchen. She looked at me and hid a white envelope behind her back and slid it into the cupboard. ...read more.


A few weeks later I found myself on the train to Bristol prison. We had told Daniel that we were seeing our friend and would be a short time. 'Why did she abandon us?' Issie asks me. 'Why has she contacted us after all this time?' 'I wonder what she looks like' 'I wonder what she's in for' I say but as soon as I see the disappointment in Issies eyes I looked away. For in her pretty, big, blue eyes I saw how much she wanted to meet her mum and how much she worried if she'd like her and how horrible I had been about the whole thing. 'Sorry Issie. She's innocent, I bet she is. And I bet she's a wonderful person too.' I looked out the window. Issie obviously wasn't in a talking mood but her smile out the corner of my eye pointed to a mother and child on the train. It was a horrible thought. We'd missed 20 years of being with our mum. Our Mum hadn't seen us for 20 years. 'I bet she's really wonderful', Issie said. Her head still inclined to the Parent playing with her toddler. ...read more.


I tried to get rid of you. I put you in a box and placed you behind a farmer's hedge in the hope for someone to find you. I didn't, I didn't know.' 'Mum, what happened to Emily' 'She died of cold. You 2 were snuggled up in the blanket and poor Emily left on her own.' ' Stop excusing us' I screamed. 'It didn't mean to come out that way. Sorry dear. Sit down, please. Poor, poor Emily.' 'I think you should stay in here. She died and it was all you fault.' I screamed 'all your fault.' I sat down and cried.' Issie looked at me with astonishment. 'Lorna that's a terrible thing to say' 'I don't need any longer in prison', she pleaded.' I've served my time even though I didn't deserve it. I was too young to understand.' ' And me and Issie are as well', I shouted and stormed out the room. Issie followed but left her coat. It was cold and Issie hugged me. She whispers in my ear 'You know mum didn't deserve all that shouting or prison. But she's still our Mum.' I walked back in with Issie. Unwilling to talk but willing to stand to listen to her lies and many stories that pleased her so much. But although she said she didn't deserve it, I think that she did. ...read more.

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