"Far From The Madding Crowd" Blind Date Script.

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“Far From The Madding Crowd” Blind Date Script.

Graham: It’s Blind Date! And here is your host, Miss Cilla Black!

Cilla: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Blind Date. In a moment we’ll be meeting the lucky lady who gets to pick from one of these gorgeous guys! So, let’s meet the boys!

So, hello number 1; what’s your name and where do you come from?

Bo: Good Evening, Cilla. My name is William Boldwood, and I am from    Weatherbury.

C: Nice to meet you, William. So tell everyone a bit about yourself.

Bo: Well, Cilla, I am a 42 year old bachelor, I own a large farm, and…. I’m incredibly wealthy!

C: And, I understand, correct me if I’m wrong love, that you have had a nasty experience involving a Valentine’s card?

Bo: That is correct, Cilla. I once received a Valentine’s card through in the mail, and I had no idea who the sender was. I was a little afraid, you see, it could have been anything. So, I erm, placed it on my mantelpiece. Well, then I couldn’t stop thinking of it, so I stared at it for quite some time.

C: How long for, love?

Bo: For a matter of days, Cilla.

C: Oh dear. Well I for one am always scared when the postman comes, I mean, when them bills get posted through my door I know I’m too terrified to open them for a week!

C: Alright love, well, best of luck tonight, and please don’t be scared of the date cards if you’re picked ‘cause we’ve only got so long, you know.

Join now!

Okay, number two, what’s your name and where do you come from?

T: Hello, Cilla, my love, my name’s Frank Troy and I’m from Weatherbury too!

C: Hiya Frank. Tell us all a bit about yourself, love.

T: Well, I’m 31, I’m a Sergeant in the Army, so I travel a lot, and I enjoy sword fighting, so I spend a lot of my spare time practising that, and, I’m quite skilled if I may say so myself.

C: Oh really? Come on, then. Show us some moves!

(Troy shows off with sword ...

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