Focusing on the traitor scene: Act II Scene II, How does Shakespeare portray Henry?

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Dysfunction and Paranoia: The Library Man

   ‘A head spun around to look at me. Another head twisted in my direction; then another, and another. Before I knew it, everyone’s eyes were scrutinising my very flesh.’

   I am reaching my mid-forties. I live alone in a small village on the outskirts of Kent. My hobbies are reading and writing poems. I am currently unemployed and single.

   As I carefully stepped out of the right side of my bed, I reached for the curtains and tore them open. It was like any other day: the clouds kept the sun from shining; the birds were crying for food; and the ground was covered with man-made dirt. I see the world in some ways different to others. People may view my frame of mind as slightly abstract and diverse, to me it is normal. I retaped the library due ticket onto the book because it was peeling on the edges, and set off to the library with my bag full of about five books.

   I flung open the oak door; its unoiled hinges scraping against each other, not ominously, but with a sound disconcertingly familiar. As I inhaled the perplexing scent of dust off the bookshelves, I slowly climbed up the ladder to where my favourite novels sat. Turning around, I was surrounded by novel, after novel, after novel. This was where I belonged. My cheeks flushed a pale pink as my attention was averted to a book resting on the table. It was far bigger than the size of a normal book and gold; engraved on the cover, were two enticing words: Open Me.

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   As I slowly crept towards it I looked in both directions to make sure no-one was watching me. For some peculiar reason, I felt dangerous. Similar to what I had felt as a small child stealing books my mum had never let me buy. She was dead now. I didn’t have to follow her rules, or anybody else’s for that matter.

   I carefully knelt down, caressing the binding of the novel. It was frayed at the edges, but the colour was rich, the golden tone blinding me with its brightness. I flicked my head around, was someone ...

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