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Which character does the reader have most sympathy for: Frankenstein or his creation?

                                                                                   By Jessica Ringrose,Y10

Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein was first published in 1818, at the time it was inappropriate for women to be writers so it was published anonymously. If she had published it under her name the novel would not have sold and she would have been ridiculed for it. Mary Shelly’s life was very troubled, many of her family members tragically died, this is reflected in her novel, many other things in the novel also relate to her life and the times she lived in. The point of this essay is to discuss how shelly manages to gain sympathy for Frankenstein and his creation with the story line, also the language and literature, how she plays with our feelings and emotions thought out the novel, after reading the novel the reader must make up their own mind who they feel most sympathy for because it is not obvious who shelly intended us to fell the most sympathy for. In my opinion Frankenstein’s creation/the monster deserves more sympathy than Frankenstein himself. This essay wishes to explain why the reader can feel more sympathy for the monster but at the same time feel sympathy for Frankenstein.

In chapter five, it is a dreary night in September this is pathetic fallacy because every time the monster is about to enter the story it is dark and rainy, this gives us the feeling that the monster is bad and makes us feel uneasy, the fact that Mary Shelley uses pathetic fallacy when the monster is about to enter the story means that we can predict what is going to happen and it gives us a vibe that the monster is not good. If it was sunny and beautiful when the monster was there it would make us feel more comfortable, therefore liking the monster more. On this dreary night Victor Frankenstein makes the monster comes alive, as soon as Frankenstein releases that the monster is alive he says “but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” This makes us feel sympathy for the monster because his father, his creator detests him. If the man that should be his father does not like him it does not give him much hope with other people. This is our first impression of the monster it is not a good one but because of this it actually makes us feel sorry for him. But if the reader wanted to they could interpret this quote differently and take it to mean that the monster is bad and that victor is a poor man whose dreams have been smashed.

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Later on in chapter five victor meets up with his dear friend Henry Clerval, for the first time in months he has a moment of pure happiness and joy but then Henry comments on his health saying “I did not before remark how very ill you appear; so thin and pale; and look as if you had been watching for several nights.” This makes us feel sympathy for Frankenstein because he cant hide the fact he is a mess and even if he manages to forget about the monster for a moment he will never truly be rid of ...

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