Gang of lads attack 10-year l0 year old boy

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Gang of lads attack 10-year l0 year old boy

 Last night the notorious gang of lads, which roam the streets of Memphis, attacked yet again. This time it was the new young black family’s son who was attacked.

 This is not an unusual event; it usually takes place every couple of weeks. Every body is afraid of going out late at night because they know they are either going to get attacked or abuse thrown towards them. The streets around Memphis are dark and are not well lit. Around the streets there is litter and lots of graffiti on walls, down alleys and even on cars! There are many cars stolen and shoplifters around who loiter in the alleys. Many people are too afraid to fight back which is understandable since many gangs carry weapons.

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 10 year old Richard Wright was attacked on a very short journey to the shops ‘Coming past the dark street corner I started to walk towards the alley. I noticed a group of people; they were looking towards me. My heart beat was racing I could feel something was going to happen.’ And it certainly did. Richard was knocked down and his money was taken. He fled home in tears and panic. He was sent out again, briskly walking he came to the alley and at the bottom there they were. He heard a cry and ran, but they soon ...

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