Gatsby is a hero. Defend or attack this statement, with evidence.

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Gatsby is a hero. Defend or attack this statement, with evidence.

     It is clear that Gatsby is ambitious and driven in his determination to win the love of his life. This can be confused with his perception of him being a hero. He lacks many qualities of a conventional hero, and the qualities he does obtain are questionable. Gatsby is primarily driven by his own will to succeed which seems selfish. His true personality is not evident, even his possessions are imitations. If his personality does not appear as true and just, he can barely be called a hero.

    The fact that he is only motivated by his selfishness, is evident in his relationships with certain characters. Gatsby’s relationship with Nick seems pleasant at first, but Gatsby’s motives for this relationship can be questioned. The friendship could be forced, using Nick as a bridge to Daisy. As Nick and Daisy are related, Gatsby was the first one to approach the other. The friendship seems manipulated and controlled while Gatsby almost buys Nick’s loyalty by offering him a job. Nick himself acknowledges Gatsby’s  “romantic readiness”, but not his heroism. Nick likes Gatsby for he is wildly optimistic and hopeful. But these are personality traits that does not prove Gatsby a hero.

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     His crime-based relationship with Meyer Wolfsheim further extends the fact that he is not a typical hero. He pursues a life in crime in order to achieve an ambition; another man’s wife.

His relationship with Tom Buchanan highlights his immoral and illegal doings. Tom clearly dislikes Gatsby and he makes this clear by calling him a “bootlegger”.  Gatsby is also immoral for attempting to destroy a marriage with a child involved.

     His actual relationship with and pursual of Daisy does not seem heroic. In fact, Gatsby can be seen as a little desperate, when Daisy is ...

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