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Girl With A Pearl Earring

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Tracy Chevalier, the author of Girl with a Pearl Earring, positions us to view the characters Vermeer and Griet, as susceptible, visually perspective individuals who are outsiders in their own family. Vermeer is a Dutch painter while Griet is a teenage girl from a poor family coming to work as a servant. Set in the seventeenth century, Chevalier creates a fictional story about a portrait painted by J. Vermeer of a young girl wearing a pearl earring that no one knows the true story behind. She writes this through the point of view of Griet. Through the first person narrator, characters' speech and actions, the plot and the setting, Chevalier is able to position our views on different characters. Chevalier positions us to view the 16 year-old Griet with empathy because she is confined in a world she cannot get out because of her obligation to her parents, employers and Pieter, fear of reputation loss and her social standing in society. Throughout the novel, Griet shows her passion for colour, shape, illusion and light.' The colours fight when they are side by side' 'I knew before he did. ...read more.


This is the only time she rebels against the rules of her society, and it's her form of fantasy. Through different characters' speech and actions, the author is also able to position us to view different characters. Chevalier positions us to view Vermeer as a complicated, powerful person and a finely tuned visual awareness which enables him to translate his world into art. Vermeer's perfection in his art not only creates a lot of trouble to people around him, including himself, as art is both his passion and his source of revenue. For example, as Vermeer gets closer to Griet as they share their views on his art, and he even begins painting her, his wife gets jealous. 'And she is?' Catharina cried shrilly, jerking her head at me.' Vermeer creates trouble for Griet at this point of time as she is unable to continue her job at the Vermeer's household. 'I turned and walked from the room,' Chevalier is able to position us to view Vermeer as a powerful character, but at the same time, we are positioned to see him as a selfish person. ...read more.


'He did not remove his hand. His fingers brushed against my neck and along my jaw. He traced the side of my face up to my cheek, then blotted the tears that spilled from my eyes with his thumb.' On many occasions, Griet showed these suppressed feelings towards Vermeer towards Pieter. As this s****l tension builds up and reaches its highest point, the biggest conflict happens and Griet leaves the family she works for. From the plot that Chevalier has created, we are able to see Griet and Vermeer as characters that have very strong self-control. Girl with a Pearl earring is definitely one of the novels that focus on how the author is able to position his or her viewers to view different characters. In this novel, Chevalier was able to position us on to view Vermeer and Griet as self-controlled, quiet, and calm and have a heightened degree of aesthetic perception. Their artistic ability enables them to view people and things carefully. These characters definitely stood out in the novel not only because of their intelligence or talent, but also because of their similar multilayered personalities. ?? ?? ?? ?? Francesca Kavanagh ...read more.

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