Good and evil in Lord of the Flies

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William Golding, the author of “Lord of the Flies”, lost his hopes in human kind. He fought for his country in the World War II. After living in a hostile world, full of war and in anguish because of a coming Cold War, Golding realized that men have more darkness than light within them. These facts lead him to a doubt about children’s “good” heart. All of these events guide him to write the novel “Lord of the Flies”, where he demonstrates that even children have evil inside their heart. He wrote this book in response to a children’s novel named “Coral Island”. The “Coral Island” talks about how kids always do the right thing as “Lord of the Flies” shows how the boys’ transform from civilized and well-mannered to savage and barbaric kids, when there is no adult supervision.

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In the novel “Lord of the Flies”, William Golding narrates the story of several English schoolboys, including the school’s choir, which were being evacuated, and fleeing from a war, crashed on an island. Since the boys arrive in the island, and Ralph is elected chief, there is a constant struggle between Jack and Ralph, caused by Jack’s anxiety for power and his envy toward Ralph’s position. Since this point the boys start a rivalry between them. To this rivalry is included Ralph’s followers, and Jack’s gang of hunters, which “get lost in darkness”. As the story goes on Jack and ...

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