great expectations

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Great Expectations

     This assignment is to look at how Dickens uses people and place to set the atmosphere of Great Expectations.

     Great Expectations is about an orphan called Pip. Pip was a young orphan living in the marshes of Kent with his sister and her husband Joe. From the time that pip was seven years old up until his mid thirties, he shows the events that happened to him made him become what he became. During his life he meets many different friends and situations, which has an influence on his decisions.

     Pips name shows that he is a friendly person which leads to the fact that he is a pip and has not developed into anything yet. Having the name Pip, it makes it easier for a young person to pronounce. Pip had rejected two names when he was little being Phillip and Pirrip, this was because these were hard names for a seven year old to pronounce.

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     As he was only seven at the beginning of the story, I think that his age shows in the writing when he says things like ‘my infant tongue’ meaning that he could not pronounce either of the two names to anything more formal than Pip. Another way in which Pip’s age shows in the writing is the occasional nursery rhyme and the way he calls his brothers ‘lozenges’ meaning the sweet.

     When Pip is sat in the graveyard looking at his mother’s, father’s and five brother’s tombstones he tries to picture in his head what they ...

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