Great Expectations - create a monologue for Miss Havisham.

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                                               Miss Havisham Monologue

 Idea: Miss Havisham’s monologue is going to be in 3 sections.

Section 1: Day of her Wedding day

  • Wise and experienced
  • Purpose in Life
  • True Love

Section 2: What Love did to her and the revenge she takes on men and the hatred she feels towards men?

  • Love’s Revenge
  • Hatred Towards Men
  • In pain

Section 3: How she taught Estella to love her and break men’s heart and the emotions that she feels when she realises that Estella don’t love her.

  • Justified
  • Desperation to prove a point
  • In pain


                     Miss Havisham’s Monologue in the 3 sections


“Look at me, so pail, weak and powerless. This can’t be me. I used to be so strong, so beautiful. Now, I feel so lonely and so near to my death.

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Section 1

I remember the day of my wedding, how could I even forget that day, the day that I was so foolish to believe its going to end happy. I never did felt what true love was anyway; since the day I was born. Through my life I understood that true love is just another lie, and old tale and which only happens in fairy tales.

I thought I could trust him, Compensyson; my beloved fiancée who jilted me on our own wedding day, left me on the altar,

 He was so sweet. All the letters ...

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