Greatest inventions - the Computer

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Invention of the computer                                            Aleksandar Bukurecki I-1MYP

The reason why I chose the invention of computers is because computers changed our lives a lot. Computer is something that almost everyone likes, because it adapts to you not you to him, you can do anything on it from putting your pictures and printing them out, playing games, chatting with people all over the world or even programming. It’s your choice to decide what to do. I would say that computer needs some additional equipment to do what I mentioned; he has a lot of attachments (e.g. monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, internet cable…). For me a computer without these things is not a computer. What impressed me the most is how fats the computer evolved.

The evolution of computer is so fast in past decades. From a whole room to a small box and from a black screen with green pixels to a full colored thin screen, from a green blinking cursor to enormous high quality games, sound effects, printing, internet and a lot other things. Today almost every house has at least one computer. Computer has a lot of uses, entertainment (gaming, internet) but also has a big role in science. Calculating, simulations, robots all of these help science. I think computers are science, the scientist are improving them, making them smaller, faster, adding new options and a lot of other things.
Computer effects even our economy. It's probably true that by now, nearly 100% of productivity gains in any economy either result directly from implementing computers and related technology, or by altering practices or implementing new things that were enabled by work on computers. Nearly every modern business involves work at computers.
Computers affected our society in a good and bad way, the good thing is that it made communication fast and free, you can chat, speak or even see your friend and family all over the world. However, sometimes people would rather stay home in front of the computer then going out with friends and family.
Computers do have a bad affect on your health, staring at the screen for a long time can damage your eyes and sitting inappropriate can cause pain in your back and neck.

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As well as all the obvious negative effects mentioned, computers must have had a bit of a positive effect on the environment.
In relation to the general energy usage of the average person, computers use very little energy, compared to home heating, driving cars. If you generated energy for your home using non-environmentally damaging source like hydro electric, or wind turbines, it would have no damaging effect except for whatever energy was used in its manufacture and transport to your house.
Before computers more paper was used and wasted a lot more often. Many trees were cut down that could have ...

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