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Sophie Charlton had never expected that her day would be one of the worst days of her life. Considering she is only 13, she couldn’t have had that many ‘worst’ days.  Her class, 7H, had gone on a geography trip to windfall towers, a huge castle that has been standing for centuries. It was a sunny day but with a lot of wind, and for Sophie wind meant a bad hair day, and a bad hair day means disaster. After spending 10 minutes in the girl’s toilets making sure her hair would stay in place, she followed the queue onto the minibus and off they went.

The journey was short, 15 minutes roughly. Sophie Charlton was bright and bubbly; leading her class with her sparkly personality meant everybody liked her. Everyone, that is, except Katie Malden. Walking behind Sophie and her crowd of admirers she felt jealous.

“What’s so special about her?” she muttered to herself.

After walking from the car park to the site of Windfall towers, class 7H had full view of what they were visiting. Harry Rich, the class nerd, as people called him, starting going into more detail than needed about the history of Windfall towers, and by no surprise no one was interested.

According to Mrs. Streams the tower they were visiting was haunted. It was a very old house but a lady had only been living there 7 years when she died. The lady died about 10 years ago when apparently committing suicide after failed attempts at getting help to cure her illness of cancer. She had no husband and had no children so she lived on her own. The reason for living in such a big house was the fact she was rich, and wanted to show off. Before she became ill she was the lady to be jealous of, everyone wanted to be her. Until she died that is.

“God doesn’t this look scary” Sophie said to one of her friends.

“Sure does, I would never want to live there!” replied her friend.

The windows were blank and secretive. Something dark lurked behind them, something horrible.

Sophie tensed up, her heart began to beat faster and she stopped and gazed.

“What’s wrong?” asked Mrs. Streams curiously.

“There’s nothing to be scared of here! You will be fine, come along.”

The problem was Sophie didn’t know what she was scared of; she had never visited the tower before, only heard one or two stories and was generally excited about visiting the place.

Only Sophie new that something was wrong with this house; everyone else in her class was delighted to be there and couldn’t wait to go inside.

        The door opened and creaked with every push, cobwebs fluttered around in each corner of the hallway. No one ever goes into Windfall towers, but Mrs. Streams got permission from the council to take a look inside. It was inspected before hand to make sure it was safe. They got the all clear.

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On the walls were swords and spears, and ancient guns were fastened in cabinets. Everybody was fascinated and asked if they could take a closer took, everybody that is except Sophie.

Miranda, Sophie’s closest friend had always been there for her, and they did everything together, but today Miranda was getting increasingly annoyed with Sophie’s behavior so went off with some other friends. Normally Sophie would mind and get upset, but not today.

Whilst everybody was gazing at the guns and swords fastened up on the wall, Sophie were thinking of other things, what mattered to Sophie was the ...

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