Heart attack

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Heart Attack

Elizabeth is seated, staring at a photograph

The doctors surrounded him, my head was spinning. One of them shouted “Give him twenty five milligrams of morphine and five milligrams adrenaline.” The other one injected the drugs into his arm. I said “why are you injecting morphine into him?” He replied with “It will relieve the pain.”

The doctors were bellowing instructions across the room and darting to and fro. There was a tremendous pressure on my head, I was in immense pain. I couldn’t cope with the noise and congestion surrounding me.  My eyes froze as they gazed upon my husband’s half-naked body.

I felt pressure on my left arm, a nurse had a firm grip of my pale white flesh, dragging me ever closer towards her. She said “I think it would be best if you followed me and waited in the relative’s room.” I acknowledged and let her pull me away from the horrific and traumatising scene.

I was shown to a room in the front of the building, a small unoccupied dwelling. I positioned myself in one of the chairs, many people before me had rested in. The nurse closed the door behind her and wandered off to bring me a steaming cup of aromatic coffee. Flashing images were speeding through my mind, I could barely make out the specific details as I only achieved a glimpse of these flashbacks. I peered out of the window of the tiny room and tried to disassociate myself from what was happening.  

I barely noticed the two police officers who were standing outside.

Light fades to black

Camera focuses on Elizabeth holding the crumpled photograph close to her heart.

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The incredulous wait in that empty room seemed so daunting, as if I had been there for an eternity.  The door knob slowly turned, a doctor stepped in. She sits down opposite me then places her hand above mine. The impression on her face suggested that there had been a terrible tragedy. She calmly whispered “We gave your husband the best treatment possible unfortunately his heart stopped functioning and we were unable to revive him, I’m very sorry.” Water streamed from my tear ducts flowing like a river, pouring down my depressed and heartbroken face. I felt as if ...

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