Henry The IV Part One

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Henry The IV Part One

Henry the forth part one was written by William Shakespeare and it tells the tale of a rebellious leader called Hotspur who with the help of his close allies Worcester and Northumberland try to take over the king.

         During the play Shakespeare uses many ways to explore the theme of honour. The significance of honour is very important in the play because Shakespeare uses it to portray the way that the person is feeling. In the tale we are told of many honourable men and we are shown some very shady characters.

        At the beginning of the play prince Hal and Hotspur are in their local tavern called the boars head and they are engaging in some light banter. After a while Poins enters and announces that he has found out about pilgrims going to London with purses full of gold.

        “By four o’clock early at Gladshill there are pilgrims going to Canterbury with rich offerings, and traders going to London with fat purses full of gold”

        Poins then explains to them he has arranged it for them to rob these pilgrims. Falstaff who is fine with the idea then leaves the room. Prince Hal is unsure but when Poins then tells him that they will not be at the robbery, but after Falstaff, Bardolph and Peto have taken the money the two will rob the money back off them. They wish to do this because Falstaff is a great liar and a coward and if it all goes to plan he will make up tremendous lies about being robbed by hundreds of men when all along it was only Hal and Poins. Poins goes and Hal has a moment to him self where he has a sililoquay. In this sililoquay he tells about how he will shake off his loose behaviour when he gains the thrown.

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“So when this loose behaviour I throw off’

              And pay the debt I never promised,

         By how much better than my word I am,

         By so much shall I falsify men’s hopes;”

I think the speech shows honour in Hal because he knows he is not at all acting like a prince when he is associated with low lives like Jack Falstaff and he wants to be able to show the people (“Falsify men’s hopes”) of England that when he gets the thrown he will be one of the best kings of England. This is ...

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