`Hobson's Choice` by Harold Brighouse. Why are the characters of Maggie and Will popular with a modern audience?

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Ryan Balchin                                                                       January 2003

`Hobson’s Choice` by Harold Brighouse

Why are the characters of Maggie and Will popular with a modern audience?

     `Hobson’s Choice` written in 1914 but set further back in the 1880’s, is a comedy, based around the battle of wills between Hobson, a hard-headed and domineering cobble and his daughter Maggie, who defies him by marrying his most talented worker, Will. She helps Will to develop his potential and together try to turn the tables on Hobson himself as it is not expected for Maggie and Will to do so.

     Maggie is an independent and strong woman, who wants to escape form her greedy father to make a new start in life. At the beginning of the play Hobson believes that Maggie is too old to marry and he wants to keep her in the business, as she is good at her job

“Maggie’s to useful too part with,

    And she’s abit on the ripe side for

        Marrying is our Maggie”

She decides to prove her father wrong.

     In the 1880’s it is normal for a women to have an arranged marriage done by their fathers and would marry into a high class family so they can have a happy and wealthy life, and as Maggie’s father does not want her to marry she goes and finds herself her own husband to spend the rest of her life with, Hobson’s shoe maker Will Mossop, all in a business arrangement as they both are getting paid not enough for their work at Hobson’s.

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     Maggie is a strong character when it comes to love and she recognises Alberts love for her sister Alice but disagrees in courting one another

“Courtings like that my lass,

All glitter and no use to anybody”

Then being the good businesswomen that she is, makes Albert makes him buy something in the shop

“This is a shop you know,

“We are not here to let people go without buying”

Then gets him to buy a pair of boots.

        Maggie is very persuasive.  She just tells Will that he is going to marry her ...

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