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Holiday competition

Dear Head of P&O Cruise’s,

               Firstly, I am Arwel Jones from the Welsh Cancer Trust. Everyday I live and work with the unfortunate children that suffer the devastating effect of cancer. The awful life taking  disease is a cruel heartbreaking illness. To watch these kids day in day out is very hard and emoctionful. You must agree that these kids need cheering up.

               I would like to take one child inparticular on a life changing experience. His name is Gerwyn, Gerwyn was abandoned by his parents as a child, now he is living out the remaining weeks of his life as though hes a criminal. Hes locked up in hospital away from friends being treated daily by machines and doctors. Theres nothing that can be done to save him, his time has come to a sad ending. He’s deteated very badly over the last few weeks. I just want to cheer him up in the remaining last months.

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             It would be amazing if I were given the chance to take Gerwyn to the destination of his choice to live the rest of his shortened life. Surely you can feel for the poor child, cant you ?. Surely, the fact that he was abandoned is enough to choose us without mentioning the rest of his problems.

            Im sure youre one of the sensitive people that shows care toward’s the unfortunate like Gerwyn. I have not yet mentioned this to Gerwyn yet, I want to keep it as ...

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