Home Schooling persuasive letter

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Home Schooling

Dear Aunt and Uncle

I am writing this letter as a response to your request to give my view on the home schooling of your son. I have thought about both sides of the argument and will tell you what I have found in the paragraphs below. In the end I will give you my opinion and leave you to decide upon how you want to go about this.

There are many reasons why you may opt for home schooling; one of the biggest draws to home-schooling is the evidence that supports the idea that home-schooled children consistently outperform their school-educated counterparts. In addition to this, proportionally more home-schooled children go onto college then schooled children. There are also advantages apart from the educational ones. Since your son will have more free time he would have the opportunity to spend some of that time outside and thus lead a more active lifestyle. Additionally this free time would allow for him to be able to go out and get work experience if he so chooses. Finally if you feel like you may be struggling at times with teaching him or any other aspects, there are many support services available such as “Education Otherwise” who not only provide support but also holds local groups/sessions where he would be able to meet other home-schooled children.

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However, there are a few things you should take into consideration; the first of which being the fact that neither of you are qualified to teach. Because of this you may end up finding that teaching your son could be quite difficult and strenuous and you may end up not being able to provide a sound education. Additionally, if you were thinking about getting some help from local schools, i.e. in the form of access to their after school activities, it is entirely possible that the schools may refuse to do so since, as your son would not be ...

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