Homophobia. Many people base their assertions that being gay is wrong or in some way deviant on their religious beliefs. This I find incredible.

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Homophobia. Prejudice is defined surely as the mistreatment of a person or people due to a preconceived bias. In Britain today there is an obsession with not being racist, and to a lesser extent, not being sexist. However rampant homophobia still exists and no one sees fit to criticise. So here we go..... Homophobia; the word itself is a symbol of the difference between the opinions of society on the mistreatment of gay people compared to the mistreatment of women or ethnic minority groups. The word suggests an irrational fear, rather than a crime or prejudice as racism sexism and ageism do. Being gay is a natural thing. Having observed the
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disgusting prejudices that seem to go hand in hand with homosexuality in our society, I imagine that no one would CHOOSE to be gay. You cannot choose who you fall in love with. When you hit puberty, you find yourself attracted to people. You do not consciously decide to be straight. Therefore I conclude that you do not consciously decide to be gay. Finally, many species of wild animals (including giraffes, monkeys and birds) have displayed homosexual behaviour. Therefore homosexuality does occur in nature. Some people claim that being gay is unnatural. Clearly they are wrong. Many people base their ...

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