How are male and female relationships portrayed in "Romeo and Juliet", Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy and Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barret Browning,

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How does Shakespeare portray the male/female relationships in Romeo and Juliet?                         Male/female relationships are also present in a number of the poems you have studied. Discuss the way the role of these relationships is portrayed in the poetry you have studied.                                                                                         What is your personal response to the literature you have studies.

Shakespeare presents male and female relationships in a myriad of ways throughout ‘Romeo and Juliet’. The first part of this essay will focus on Romeo and Juliet infatuation with each other and their relationships with others in the play.

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At the start of the play Romeo’s unrequited love with Rosaline consumes him to a point of unhealthy obsession .The use of negative oxymoron’s such as ‘brawling love , O loving hate’ portrays Romeos chaotic state of mind  due to his feelings for Rosaline . Romeo says ‘she hath Dian’s wit’. This refers to the goddess Diana who is chaste. Because of this Benvolio suggests that he should leave her but because his love consumes him Romeo says that he is ‘blind’ without her.

Shakespeare alludes to the lover’s fate by writing ‘winged messenger’ this could also be seen as ...

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