How are The Characters Presented at the start of "A View From The Bridge"?

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How are The Characters Presented at the start of A View From The Bridge

The play opens with the introduction of Alfieri. He is shown to have the role of a chorus: a bridging character between the audience and the characters. The chorus tends to exist almost outside the play, as they know the outcome of the play, and is rarely part of the main action; their purpose in a play is to address the audience and help them to interpret action and they are a common feature in tragedy. The significance of Alfieri is that he alludes to the title and is the one giving us the “View From the Bridge”. Alfieri is described as being a “portly lawyer in his fifties”. Since he is a lawyer it is safe to assume that he is somewhat wealthy, as shown by the fact that he is portly, however it also hints towards the outcome of the play. As stated by Alfieri “to see a lawyer … is unlucky. We’re only thought of in connection with disasters” foreshadowing the future events of the play. This idea is furthered when Alfieri says that he was “powerless to stop it (Eddie’s tale)”. The word powerless implies that the events Alfieri is describing are fated to happen and are inevitable, another trope of tragedy.
Additionally Alfieri states that many people were “justly shot by unjust men” referring to the traditional Italian justice system which focussed heavily on honour and revenge. Unlike a conventional justice system this was ‘enforced’ by the community and the phrase Alfieri says is a comment on how people were being rightfully punished by others just as bad as them.

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As Eddie enters the house he is greeted by Catherine and they begin to start a conversation about her new clothes. As the conversation progresses Eddie begins to show his dislike for Catherine's new appearance by telling her she's “walking wavy” and mentioning her high heels. The fact that Catherine is described as “walking wavy” shows that she is maturing as a woman, also shown by her possession of high heels, and Eddies discomfort at this can be chalked up to parental concern. However it could also be said that Eddie is uncomfortable with the idea of Catherine growing ...

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