How did George Orwell present Napoleon in Animal Farm

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How does George Orwell present Napoleon in Animal farm?

George Orwell presents Napoleon as a greedy, manipulative hypocrite who does not care for any animal around him that isn’t a pig or a dog.
To get to power, Napoleon knows he will not beat snowball, so, he schemes with the other pigs. Eventually finishing with Snowball being chased out the farm by nine dogs. Napoleon here is obviously a hypocrite here as he intentionally plans to hurt or maybe even kill Snowball, which breaks the sixth commandment of ‘No animal shall kill any other animals.’

‘They dashed straight for Snowball, who only sprang from his place just in time to escape their [the dogs] snapping jaws.”pg 39

After this, Napoleon makes himself leader, with it a police force of nine huge, scary dogs to keep anyone from thinking they could run the farm better than him. To keep everyone happy, positive and working, Napoleon uses Squealer as a manipulator; telling everyone how much money, and how much food the farm is making and getting. This keeps everyone thinking about how much better it is now than when Mr Jones was in charge. “…except Squealer’s list of figures, which invariably demonstrated that everything was getting better and better.” pg 94

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Napoleon doesn’t want anyone thinking he’s made a mistake, because if he does no one will want to do as he says because it might not be correct, so Napoleon uses Squealers absence as a means of mopping up his mistakes. “When the key of the store shed was lost, the whole farm was convinced Snowball had thrown it down the well.”pg 57

Napoleon doesn’t take part in activities for the animals, he’s more of a secretive planner, almost the opposite of someone like squealer who manipulates, physiologically brain washes the animals into doing whatever the need. Whenever he ...

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