How do: "Telephone Conversation" by Wole Soyinka and "Not My Best Side" by U.A Fanthorpeconvey a feeling of disappointment and judgement?

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Comparative Poem Essay

        By David Hughes

I will be using quotes from the poems to explore the question: How do: “Telephone Conversation” by Wole Soyinka and “Not My Best Side” by U.A Fanthorpe convey a feeling of disappointment and judgement?

Throughout this essay I will be analysing these two reasonably short poems, comparing their structure, language and tone.

 Firstly I will be focusing on the structure of the poems. “Telephone conversation” is more or less one block of writing using different sentence structure (syntax) but “Not my best side” is split up into stanzas, each of which contains a different voice: stanza 1 is that of the dragon, and he explains his side of the story, criticising the way he is depicted in the painting. Stanza 2 describes the maiden’s feelings about being rescued. Stanza 3 gives us the knight’s point of view; he feels that he deserves to rescue anyone with his “prototype armour” and his “latest model” horse. These stanzas give the audience a clear indication of who is speaking.The sentence structure of “Telephone conversation” is somewhat distorted, for example:”…but madam, you should see (new line)

The rest of me.” As a result the lines are all roughly the same length, so that the poem keeps its continuity and more importantly emphasises the last sentence, which is very brief: “See for yourself?” This is ultimately the message of the poem, the man/woman is basically asking him/herself why the landowners do not give them a chance and have a meeting.  

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The language that is used in the two poems is quite similar. Both are written in modern day English, however the two poets use a great range of vocabulary and the poems have a very formal feel. The poets have both captured a feeling of disappointment and judgement very well through a good use of language.  “Nothing remained but self confession” wrote Wole Soyinka. Nobody should have to “confess” that they are of a different colour, and when I read the poem that quotation was one of the main things that struck me. I was also shocked when the landlady ...

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