How does Bram Stoker create an atmosphere of suspense for the reader in The Judge's House?

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How does Bram Stoker create an atmosphere of suspense for the reader in The Judge’s House?

In the Judge’s House, Bram Stoker uses several methods to create an atmosphere of suspense. Stoker creates the character of Malcomson, a keen maths student who wants to study without distraction and therefore goes to an isolated place. Malcomson is represented as a mathematician so that every suspicious scene in the house can be answered by him with a logical answer.

Mrs Witham, who thinks oppositely to Malcomson, is a mayor key used to cause and create the atmosphere of suspense. Her way of describing the house makes the reader visualise it as haunted.

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Malcomson arrives at Benchurch, a town where other than a market that takes place every three weekends, it is as attractive as a dessert. When Malcomson finally finds the right spot for his studying, he chooses the house classified as the most terrifyingly and dangerous in the whole town. The description of the house is essential because Stoker uses detailed adjectives such as “old rambling, heavy built house of the Jacobean style”, to create an atmosphere of danger and suspense. The detailed description makes it possible for the reader to picture the house.

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