How does Charlotte Bronte depict Jane Eyre(TM)s childhood through the first four chapters

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How does Charlotte Bronte depict Jane Eyre’s childhood through the first four chapters

Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Bronte in 1847. It was first published as an autobiography under the pseudonym Currer Bell and immediately became a big success. Charlotte Bronte originally had to write her novel under a pseudonym because women were not allowed to publish books at that time as women had a lower status than men did. This is mirrored throughout the book, for example, John Reed had complete control over Jane and other girls and women of Gateshead hall. This leads on to how women were treated in the Victorian times; women did not have any rights over men and were not in any way independent.

Jane Eyre is a bildungsroman. This means that the book Jane Eyre concentrates on the spiritual, moral, psychological, social development and growth of Jane Eyre from girl to adulthood. On this long and arduous journey, the main character must feel some loss or discontent at a young age that forces her to embark on this journey.

In Victorian times, adults believed that children should be seen but not heard. A prime example of this is when Jane worked as a governess of Adele at Mr Rochester’s house. Whenever Mr Rochester has guests at his mansion; his guests made remarks and comments about Adele’s actions. The storyline of Jane Eyre is a reflection of Charlotte Bronte’s life as it was an autobiography. For instance, as in Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte’s parents died and she was sent to her aunt to be taken care of. When she was at her aunt’s house she was treated badly.

Jane Eyre is full of erotic tension, passion and irony; three characteristics that distinguish Jane Eyre from any other Victorian time book. Furthermore, Jane Eyre was written in the view point of a child, this was unseen in any books at that time. In addition, Jane Eyre puts across the idea to the reader that men and women should have equal rights; and that women can be as independent as men can be. This is also another part of Jane Eyre that distinguishes it from all other Victorian time books. These reasons are the cause of why Jane Eyre was later named a revolutionary text. When Jane Eyre was published, it was first frowned upon because it displayed all these characteristics, however given time the novel became a big success and opened the eyes of many Victorian men and women.

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Bronte shows in the first four chapters how Jane is cut off from others at a young age. Jane Eyre is isolated from the Reed family, “Eliza, John and Georgiana were now clustered around their mama,” From this quote the reader can see that Jane has been cut off from the Reed family. “Clustered”, emphasises that the relationship between Jane’s cousin’s and their “mama” is very close. This further emphasises that the Reed family have discarded Jane from socialising with them.

The house-maids, Abbot and Bessie also segregate Jane, “if she were a nice, pretty child, one might ...

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